Window Air Purifiers – Types of Air Purifiers and Their Uses

If you suffer from allergies or asthma and live in a place where air pollution is especially severe, then window air purifiers could be exactly what you need. They fit into an opened window much like a screen or venting fan. Outside air comes in through them, but rather than blowing all that dirty air directly out, it passes through a filter placed directly on the surface. This filtering system catches the pollutants before they have a chance to interact with any of the living things inside your home. Because these are designed to filter just the air coming through your window, there is no direct exposure to pollutants from the outside.

window air purifiers

This type of window air purifier comes in a variety of sizes, some costing as much as three hundred dollars, depending on the brand and model used. The most effective are those that function via an aerostar filter. An aerostar filter is designed to catch at least ninety percent of dust particles. Because it only needs to filter one small area at a time, these are the most effective and are also the most expensive.

One of these is the Electronic Air Purifier/Apps air purifier. It uses three filters: an ion-exchange filter to remove allergens, a HEPA filter to reduce airborne particles, and a remote-controlled air purge. You simply set the purge button and turn on the ion exchange filter to reduce dust, chemicals, and smoke. Turn on the remote to get rid of smoke and odors.

Of course, open windows can also result in poor indoor air quality. This is why window air purifiers were invented. In an effort to improve the air quality of homes across the country, manufacturers have come up with products that attach to the outside of your windows, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for an open window. Many of these attach to the outside of your home on post, but there are also those that attach to the glass itself.

One such product is the Toucan City window air purifier. The Toucan City utilizes an electrostatic charge to filter particles and odors. These are the same sort of filters that are found in your air conditioner. However, they utilize an electrostatic charge to filter the particles instead of an ion-exchange filter.

For more affordable cooling output without sacrificing on the sound of the fan, you might want to consider a cooling output modulator, also known as an IS operable device. These cooling output mode can be used to increase the cooling output of your air conditioning unit without sacrificing on the cooling output of your window air purifiers. When purchasing an IS operable device, make sure that it is made out of high quality material. Some of these units even include built in voltage boosters so that your cost of operation does not increase.