Why Choose Alen Air Purifiers?

alen air purifiers

Why Choose Alen Air Purifiers?

Alen Air purifiers have won the hearts of many health conscious people. There are many reasons for this popularity including the fact that they produce less pollution while still providing clean air to the surrounding rooms. Read on to learn more about the Alen air purifier and if it could be a good option for you.

Built in filtration system. It is one of the features that made the purchase of Alen Air purifier so popular. Powerful yet quite quiet operation. You will never hear a 300 + CADR rating air purifier having below 50 db noise levels; just Alen makes these loud yet quiet air purifier for bedrooms.

No pet dander or pollen. Another reason why Alen Air purifiers are so popular is because of their ability to help reduce allergy symptoms. When allergic reactions are induced, it can be pretty annoying. Dust and pollen can make you sneeze, itch or simply have a runny nose. With this brand, you never have to deal with this problem because there is no dust or pollen accumulation in your room.

Easy installation. The base of most Alen air purifiers are made from either aluminum or stainless steel to ensure the best performance and durability. This makes it easier to install which also translates to easier maintenance and better efficiency for you. Other brands use plastic or fiberglass, which mean you have to spend more time maintaining the unit.

Room size filter. Most models in the Alen Air line come with an additional room size filter which ensures that allergens do not get trapped inside the unit when there is no ventilation. You will notice that with an air purifier that uses room-size filters, there is less debris in the air because it can be clearly seen.

Noise reduction. Some people suffer from severe allergies and cannot sleep well at night. Since allergies can be induced by dust and other allergens, it is important to get your bedroom free of all these pollutants. With Alen Air purifiers, you can definitely breathe easier in your master bedroom. These air purifiers work together with an air purifier master bedroom filter to ensure that you enjoy clean air in your bedroom at night.

Speed of fan speed. Another great thing about Alen Air purifiers is that they are able to regulate the fan speed without you doing anything manually. Indicator lights on the side of the unit tell you what the current fan speed is so you know whether to increase or decrease the speed as needed.

Dust removal. All of us are constantly exposed to dust and other airborne particles. Unfortunately, this makes us vulnerable to respiratory infections and allergies. An air purifier that removes dust from the air is very essential because dust contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infections. With an air purifier, you will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that you are breathing in healthy air that is free of harmful particles.