Whole House Fans – What You Need To Know

Cooling down will remove heat, harmful germs, and airborne pathogens A Solatube Whole House Fan will instantly refresh your home.

In just minutes, you can have a cooler and more healthy home!

Cool, comfortable, and more healthy Our quiet whole-house fans will brighten up your living space. They look like It’s like an air conditioner but with fresh air! It will also save you money! Save up to 91% on your air conditioning and heating costs Our whole house is energy-efficient Fans offer cool days and relaxing nights, as well as lower A/C bills and a healthier lifestyle. Home. Enjoy our revolutionary line of earth-friendly products and join us in enjoying A cooler, healthier home.

Why not a whole-house fan?

  • In minutes, you can refresh your entire home.
  • Rapidly cools during hot summer months
  • Get rid of winter staleness
  • Enhances air quality and eliminates odors
  • Healthy home environment
  • Household disruption is avoided by an extremely quiet fan
  • Reduces air conditioning costs

Comfort is a complete circle

Solatube Whole House Fans will draw cool, fresh air inside your home. Your living spaces can be viewed through your windows. Through your attic, and out to the vents. You don’t need to recirculate only air. You replace it with fresh air in your home (as is the case with air conditioners). It is replaced with fresh air In your attic and home. You can do it over and over again.


Cooler and fresher. All-day. All summer.

The Solatube can be used during the warm months. The Whole House Fan cools not only the air inside your home but also the surrounding environment. Structure and contents. This reduces the temperature of your attic and home by as much as 30 degrees They can stay cooler at temperatures up to 40 degrees (or more). The principle of Thermal Mass cooling is applied the next day. Overall costs The costs to cool your home are significantly lower than those of other homeowners, particularly when compared with previous years. Air conditioning.


You’ll be cleaner and more healthy. In minutes. All winter

The colder months are when you need to seal the air in. Your home can become stale, smelling musty, and full of impurities. (Sorry. It’s true. Solatube’s Whole House Fan is quick to move that polluted air. Get out of your home and replace it with fresh, clean air. (So fast that It won’t make your home cold. You and your family can stay there. You will feel healthier and more positive throughout the season.