Whole House Air Purifiers – What Are They?

Whole House Air Purifier pricing can be high because of all the parts and filters that are needed to operate it. Even though it may last longer, the unit itself can end up costing more in the long run if it’s used constantly. The better quality whole house air purifier units are more expensive but can last longer without replacement filters or parts. Choosing a good brand and model can help to keep the price down.

whole house hepa air purifiers

Whole House Air Purifiers: Pricing for whole house air purification systems can be more expensive, especially if you need them professionally installed. Whole house air purifier systems usually last longer, sometimes up to a decade, than counter air cleaners. On average, it would cost between $1000 and $3000 to install a whole house air purifier in your home. But it really depends on a number of factors including the size of your room, type of purification technology used, and how often you care for the unit. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, an ionic purifier might last longer.

Types of Whole House Hepa Air Purifiers: The best medical grade whole house air purifier units are powered by electricity. There are also portable air purification systems. Although they don’t draw great amounts of power, they are much easier to use. Portable whole house purifiers are ideal for people who are constantly traveling. With a portable unit you can bring clean air wherever you go, so it’s great for those who have to deal with dust on a regular basis.

Duct Cleaners: Although most people think of air conditioners as ducts that snake throughout the house, these are actually narrow air ducts. It is important to keep your ducts clean. Not only will it save you money by keeping air circulating properly, but it will also protect you from respiratory problems. Most HVAC systems require that you have at least two ducts running through the entire house. The two main types of ducts are directly connected to the furnace or boiler, and then there is an indirect duct system that sends the clean air into other rooms, such as the bedroom or the bathroom.

Indirect Ducts: These types of whole house air purifier systems use a system where the air is pushed through many smaller ducts in various parts of the house. Indirect cooling ducts are very effective and efficient. They allow for greater air circulation, so you get more clean air. Another benefit is that they cost less than direct cooling ducts, which are good because they don’t need to be maintained as often. While the initial installation of an indirect system might cost a little more money, the long-term savings will more than pay for itself.

An HVAC system needs to be serviced and maintained. There are several different services that need to be performed, including filter changes, cleaning or changing filters, cleaning ducts, etc. With an HVAC whole house air purifier system, you can simply turn the system on and forget about it. After the initial setup, you can just leave your unit plugged in and forget about it, letting it take care of its own maintenance. With a filter-based system, you can’t go anywhere without changing the filter, which is usually a simple process of purchasing another replacement, cleaning the filter, testing it to make sure it is working properly and installing it back into the duct system.