Who Sells Air Purifiers and Why?

Who sells air purifier? Every day thousands of ads are being thrown in the form of online classified ads or yellow pages. And every day more people than ever before are deciding to purchase an air purifier for their home. With all of these choices, it can get quite confusing as to who sells air purifiers for what reason. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know when you purchase an air purifier:

Three kinds of purifiers: Name brand, homemade models, and specialized models. The ones who sell name brands actually set up a unit with the same technology as another company’s model and test it themselves by holding up a PM2P reader to the front of the purifier. Basically what happens here is that a person inhales pure oxygen (inhaled through their mouth) at a very high concentration level while they are sleeping. At the time of this test the machine registers a low percentage of oxygen in the air. The person then turns the air purifier on and notices a noticeable difference in breathing the oxygen.

Now lets look at the homemade air purifier. It is made from a similar principle as the homemade ones. Basically what happens here is that the user places the “name brand” air purifier into an open area, sets the machine up with the proper settings, and starts breathing in pure oxygen in the presence of a background of various allergens. It is common for those with allergies to experience wheezing, a runny nose, and other related symptoms after just a few hours of using the machine. Usually the machine has a filter which needs changing after a period of time.

The same model was also sold by a Chinese vendor on the Chinese auction site. The price for this product was only $300. In a review of the seller stated that the model he bought simply had too many malfunctions and problems, and could not be taken care of as easily as he claimed. As a result he decided not to sell it, and instead sold it to someone who wanted to buy it for ten,000 Yuan less the shipping charges.

The last model that we will discuss is the BioLite Air Purifiers. The BioLite uses a series of HEPA filters called the “High Performance Care Environment” or HPFCs. They are said to be extremely good air purifiers as they require less maintenance than other brands. However, there were quite a few complaints of them being noisy and emitting an obnoxious hissing sound. A majority of the buyers stated that they could not even hear the hissing noise when they held the machine in their hand.

The most favorable reviews for these three air purifier models were from those that were able to test them out in their own homes. They were all said to be very well built and with very good performance. The only con that was noted was that the BioLite did not have the most powerful odor eliminator. The BioLite Air Purifier also has the least expensive price tag of all the air purifier systems tested.