What to Look For in the Best Air Purifiers For Home Use

What to Look For in the Best Air Purifiers For Home Use

Whether you suffer from asthma or allergies, keeping a good indoor air quality at home can improve your all-around health. One major threat to indoor air health is dust. In addition to taking away the natural shine on every surface inside your home, dust also has a host of allergens which can negatively impact the way you breathe. Using air purifiers for dust is one simple way to make sure your air is clean and safe to breathe. This is especially true when you have children. Dust is especially a problem for small children who spend a lot of time indoors, as this makes them more susceptible to the negative affects of dust.

Whether you need an air purifier for your entire home or just in a specific room, there are several options available. You have the option of an air purifier for the entire home or just in the bedroom. With an air purifier for the whole home, you want to be sure to have a good selection. Since this unit is more powerful than a room air cleaner, you will need to have a good filter system in place. These include an activated carbon filter and HEPA filters, among others.

If you need an air purifier for only one area of the house and that area is occupied by your children, you may want to purchase an air purifier for room size coverage. You can find air purifiers for room size coverage that offer a HEPA filter, ionizer, or filter combination. Room size coverage air purifiers will give you the power to filter the air throughout the entire house while keeping one filter in the bedroom. It will also allow you to use less filters, thus saving money in the long run.

Another consideration when purchasing a home use air purifier is whether you would prefer a filter/imperator or a pre-filter. In home use, most people do not replace filters. The pre-filter is used instead. Pre-filters usually have a cartridge and need to be replaced periodically, while an individual filter can last many years without replacement.

With an air cleaner, you want to find one that features HEPA filtration. One of the best HEPA air purifiers on the market is theologically styled HEPA-style air purifier. These air cleaners filter the air because of the air purifying action of the filter material, which traps airborne allergens and molds spores before they reach the filter media. Many of these models also feature an ionizer to remove pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. Many models also feature an air filter with an anti-microbial filter to ensure that you enjoy clean fresh air at all times.

You want your new air purifier to be easy to clean, easy to install, and most importantly, easy to maintain. The best air purifier available minus a pre-filter, offers you all of these benefits. The HEPA-style air cleaning machine is an excellent choice for allergy and asthma sufferers who need to breathe easier.

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