Moisture Control & Ventilation

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Family in basement

A drier, healthier home. Guaranteed.


WAVE Reduces Moisture & Improves Air Quality


  • BIOLOGICAL GROWTH Moisture fosters proliferation of mold, dust mites, bug infestation
  • AIR POLLUTANTS Radon, Combustion Gases, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs
  • STRUCTURAL DAMAGE Moisture can lead to wood rot and damage pipes and windows
  • HEALTH ISSUES Moist, polluted air can lead to respiratory ailments, asthma, and other health conditions

Basements & crawl spaces are the most problematic areas

  • EXCESSIVE MOISTURE builds up from infiltration and everyday activities
  • POOR VENTILATION leads to an excess of pollutants and moisture
  • TIGHTER HOMES trap moisture and pollutants, creating an unhealthy environment
  • NATURAL AIR FLOW pulls the pollutants upwards into the living areas affecting the whole house

A more efficient solution than crawl space and basement dehumidifiers

How It Works



…Odors, Stagnant Moisture, Mold Spores, Along With The Indoor Gases And Pollutants From The Lowest Point Where They Are The Most Concentrated.


…With Warmer, Drier Air From Upper Level To Raise Temperature And Lower Relative Humidity. A Fresher And Healthier Air Supply From Upper Level Dramatically Improves Air Quality.


…The Entire Area With A Continuous Airflow To Extract Saturated Moisture In The Structure, Reduce Biological Growth And Create A Required Air Exchange. This Will Result In Healthier, Fresher Air; Benefitting The Whole House.

With WAVE’s 3 stage process the most problematic air is expelled and then replenished automatically with fresher drier air from the upper level to transform the lower level into a healthy comfortable environment. Automatic sensor controls provide a sensible continuous ventilation to maximize performance, energy efficiency and ease of operation.


No More Musty Odors
Expel Gases, Chemicals, Pollutants
$800 Yearly Savings Over Dehumidifiers
Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly
No More Buckets of Water to Empty

“Occupants in damp buildings have a 75% greater risk of respiratory ailments and asthma”

– World Health Organization

“Spaces with mechanical ventilation and air replenishment maintain lower relative humidity levels and improve the HVAC efficiency of the entire house by more than 17%.”

– Department of Energy Study