Ventilation for Moisture Control & Air Quality

WAVE Systems Reduce Moisture & Improve Air Quality

Sensor Controlled Basement UnitSensor Controlled
Basement Unit

Crawl Space with Booster FanCrawl Space with
Booster Fan

Apartment / Slab UnitApartment /
Slab Unit

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WAVE Provides Moisture Control and Improved Air Quality

all in one unit. Transforms the entire house into a healthier, comfortable environment and can save over $700 a year in energy consumption compared to a crawl space or basement dehumidifier.

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Reduce – Protect

Mold, gases, odors, dust mites, respiratory problems

Basements and Crawl Spaces are the Most Problematic Areas of the Home

Excessive moisture builds up from infiltration and everyday activities. The lack of crawl space and basement ventilation leads to a buildup of pollutants and moisture saturation. Tighter homes trap moisture and pollutants, creating an unhealthy and unsafe environment. Natural air flow pulls the pollutants upwards into the living areas affecting the whole house.

WAVE Systems

Reduce, Protect and Prevent:

Biological Growth

Moisture fosters proliferation of mold, dust mites, bug infestation

Air Pollutants

Radon, Combustion Gases, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs

Structural Damage

Moisture can lead to wood rot of floors and beams and damage pipes and windows

Health Issues

Moist, stagnant, polluted air can lead to respiratory ailments, asthma, and other health conditions

“Occupants in damp buildings have a 75% greater risk of respiratory ailments and asthma”

– World Health Organization

“Need moisture control and ventilation to reduce asthma, illnesses, respiratory ailments…”

– EPA and Surgeon General

Year Round Benefits


Cold, damp, odorous, polluted basements and crawl spaces into comfortable, fresh, healthy areas.

Continuously Maintains

Healthy, dry conditions and creates necessary air exchanges for the entire house.

Structure is
Kept Dry

Minimizing repairs to floors, beams, walls, windows and pipes.

Increases Energy Efficiencies

For the heating and air conditioning system by keeping the entire home drier. It is less costly to heat or cool a dry environment as opposed to a damp one.

Family of Products

Sensor Controlled Basement UnitSensor Controlled Basement

Crawl Space with Booster FanCrawl Space with Booster Fan

Apartment / Slab UnitApartment / Slab Unit