water dropletMoisture Control & Ventilation

Drier, Cleaner Air Throughout the Home

A drier, healthier home. Guaranteed.

WAVE Reduces Moisture & Improves Air Quality

Mold, gases, odors, dust mies and respiratory problems


  • BIOLOGICAL GROWTH Moisture fosters proliferation of mold, dust mites, bug infestation
  • AIR POLLUTANTS Radon, Combustion Gases, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs
  • STRUCTURAL DAMAGE Moisture can lead to wood rot and damage pipes and windows
  • HEALTH ISSUES Moist, polluted air can lead to respiratory ailments, asthma, and other health conditions

Basements & crawl spaces are the most problematic areas

  • EXCESSIVE MOISTURE builds up from infiltration and everyday activities
  • POOR VENTILATION leads to an excess of pollutants and moisture
  • TIGHTER HOMES trap moisture and pollutants, creating an unhealthy environment
  • NATURAL AIR FLOW pulls the pollutants upwards into the living areas affecting the whole house


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A more efficient solution than crawl space and basement dehumifiers

Graphic comparing WAVE unit to dehumidifier

basement and crawl space ventilation products

How It Works

With WAVE's 3 stage process the most problematic air is expelled and then replenished automatically with fresher drier air from the upper level to transform the lower level into a healthy comfortable environment. Automatic sensor controls provide a sensible continuous ventilation to maximize performance, energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Step 1 - Expel


...Odors, Stagnant Moisture, Mold Spores, Along With The Indoor Gases And Pollutants From The Lowest Point Where They Are The Most Concentrated.

Step 2 - Replenish


...With Warmer, Drier Air From Upper Level To Raise Temperature And Lower Relative Humidity. A Fresher And Healthier Air Supply From Upper Level Dramatically Improves Air Quality.

Step 3 - Ventilate


...The Entire Area With A Continuous Airflow To Extract Saturated Moisture In The Structure, Reduce Biological Growth And Create A Required Air Exchange. This Will Result In Healthier, Fresher Air; Benefitting The Whole House.


Icon for odorsNo More Musty Odors
Smile iconExpel Gases, Chemicals, Pollutants
savings icon$800 Yearly Savings Over Dehumidifiers
Leaf iconEnergy Efficient & Eco Friendly
Paint bucket iconNo More Buckets of Water to Empty

The EPA recommends mechanical ventilation over dehumidifiers

"Occupants in damp buildings have a 75% greater risk of respiratory ailments and asthma"

- World Health Organization

"Spaces with mechanical ventilation and air replenishment maintain lower relative humidity levels and improve the HVAC efficiency of the entire house by more than 17%."

- Department of Energy Study