Hard Water Solutions

Cleaning stains and removing the surface effects of limescale without treating the causes will not only grow to be expensive and frustrating, but won’t address the problems you can’t see.

Fortunately, HydroCare systems offered by WAVE Home Solutions offer innovative, effective, virtually maintenance-free solutions for treating hard water in your home without the use of salt or chemicals.

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Smart Descaler
Electronic Limescale Removal & Prevention
Prevents and Eliminates Limescale. Remediates Silica, Sulfates & more
Which water filtration system is right for you?
Water quality can be complex and vary from home to home. Let us help you find the right water treatment product to suit your personal needs

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Already Seeing Improvement

We have notice improvement in our water. We still have the water softener at the moment because we have to schedule a plumber to remove it, but we can actually use our dishwasher again with much less water staining issues.