City Water Solutions

Don’t take the quality of your city water for granted! Municipalities are constantly failing when it comes to water quality. HydroCare products offered by WAVE Home Solutions can help protect your family, your home, and your water using appliances. And these solutions are high performing, cost effective, easy to install and maintain and require no salt or chemicals.

Explore some of our WAVE Home Solutions systems for city water.

Large Capacity Chloramine + Chlorine Purification System
Large Capacity Whole House Purification System + Limescale Prevention & Elimination
Large Capacity Whole House Purification System for City Water
Compact Whole House Water Purification System
Which water filtration system is right for you?
Water quality can be complex and vary from home to home. Let us help you find the right water treatment product to suit your personal needs

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Excellent product

I have been using wave home solutions water system quad maxx for almost a year and completely satisfied.