Large Capacity Chloramine + Chlorine Purification System

  • High reduction of chlorine and chloramine levels*
  • High reduction of lead, mercury, arsenic and cyanide levels
  • High reduction of chemicals and toxins
  • Removes iron and sediment
  • No servicing. Only system using carbon that can regenerate onsite – simply drop in recharge packet every 3 months

*Municipalities may switch from chlorine to chloramine in city water with little or no warning. With the CitySupreme, both chemicals will be filtered without need for modification of your unit or filtration system.

WAVE Home Solutions whole house water purification systems by HydroCare, incorporate scientifically advanced materials and design to deliver superior performance. HydroCare systems incorporate multi step processes to address a multitude of water quality issues prevalent in city water.

CitySupreme Whole Home Chlorine + Chloramine Filtration:

The proprietary blend of media making up the CitySupreme High Capacity Water Filtration System includes multiple types of catalytic carbon and is designed to absorb extremely high levels of contaminants. The media package has the largest surface area (up to 2500 m²/g) and capacity on the marketplace today. This expanded surface area allows the system to absorb large quantities of pollutants.

Simple Maintenance: The regeneration of the media tank is easily accomplished by simply adding a small regeneration package to the secondary tank and running a backwash for 30 minutes every 3-4 months. After doing so, the media is restored to 99% of its original capacity, eliminating the need to re-bed or replace the tank. The CitySupreme is the only system on the market that utilizes a carbon media that can be regenerated onsite.

Raw Water Before CitySupreme

Required Test Parameters Result Units Applicable Standard
(Maximum Contaminant Level)
Standard Exceeded
Arsenic 8.8 ug/l 5 ug/l Y

Filtered Water After CitySupreme

Required Test Parameters Result Units Applicable Standard
(Maximum Contaminant Level)
Standard Exceeded
Arsenic ND ug/l ug/l 5 ug/l N

*The above parameter for arsenic meets NJDEP state safe drinking water standards.

ND = Not Detected
mg/L = milligrams per liter
ug/L = micrograms per liter
MCL = Maximum contaminant level

Download the lab results PDF here

The CitySupreme purification system removes a host of dangerous pollutants and contaminates from every faucet in the home. It will remove chlorine and chloramine. Municipalities use chlorine and/or chloramine to kill bacteria in the water, but they have negative side effects and studies have shown a link between them and their by-products to serious disease. Chloramine interacts with metal pipes and will cause lead to leach off and enter the water stream.
Both chloramine and lead are difficult to remove from water. Top rated filters that can remove 500,000 gallons of chlorinated water are only rated for 7,000 of water containing chloramine. The CitySupreme carbon has more than double the surface contact area of other leading carbon filters and can regenerate so it lasts 8-10 years.

  • 99% Removal of Chloramine, Chlorine, Cysts & Parasites
  • 95% Removal of THMs & VOCs
  • High Reduction of Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Cyanide, Fluoride, Chemicals & more
  • Removes Sediment and Insoluble Iron
  • Reduces odors and improves taste
  • No need to change filters or swap tanks
  • No Salt! Not a softener
  • Regeneration restores tank media to 99% original capacity
  • Media is ANSI/NSF 61 certified
  • Easy to Install & Maintain

Maximum Flow Rate (gpm) 8
pH range 6.5-9.0
Maximum Pressure 100 psi*
Minimum Pressure 30 psi
Plumbing inlet/outlet 1″
Backwashing cycle 30 minutes
every 3-4 months
Regenerate w/ simple packet 3 months

*Recommended not to exceed 75 psi

Media Tank 10”w x 56”h x 10”d

City Supreme Installation Manual

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Great Product

Great product. Did all that was promised with low cost of maintenance. Had water tested after filter. Turned out perfect. Highly recommended.