Water Filtration System

If you’re interested in purchasing a water filtration system for backpacking, you may be wondering what type of filtration systems will work for you. This can depend on where you plan to purchase a water filtration system and what you are going to use it for. First off, there are a few different types of water filtration systems for backpacking. The best water filtration system backpacking experts use are a gravity fed filtration system, but a simple straw-based filtration device is perfectly fine for survival situations and bug-out bags.

water filtration system backpacking

What types of filtration systems are out there? Well, let’s start with the basics. Water filtration systems consist of two basic units: an activated carbon filtration unit and a reverse osmosis system. The way water is purified by these units is by forcing the water through them at very high pressures.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems work by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane, which strips away any particles that are larger than water molecules. Activated carbon filters use this method to remove chlorine, odors, chemicals, bacteria, parasites, and cysts. Carbon absorption is one of the best ways to filter water since the filter doesn’t remove everything, leaving behind some very healthy minerals. Water filtration systems that rely on this method to function can be bulky and a little difficult to carry.

Another common water filtration system is a faucet mount filter. These types of water filtration systems can come equipped with both an activated carbon filtration unit or a reverse osmosis system. Faucet mount filters can provide excellent results depending on the contaminants present. These units mount directly to the faucet, so there is no need for extra plumbing, and they are quite easy to maintain.

There are also portable water filtration systems that can provide good results for the whole household. These portable units are much more affordable than other water filtration systems, and many of them can be carried around as well. Portable units provide great flexibility in the types of water filtration needed. These are great for filtering large amounts of water in a short amount of time. They can also remove the smells and other factors that make certain water sources undesirable for certain people. Because of their portability, they are very popular among families.

In the end, the decision on the water filtration system that will best fit your family’s needs must be made after considering your budget, your water source, and the contaminants present. It’s also important to consider how much time and effort you want to spend caring for your water filter. Many types of water filtration systems require very little maintenance, but others will need to be serviced periodically by a plumber. Filtration systems can be installed professionally or semi-professionally. The most important thing is that you have researched and determined which system will work best for your family.

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