Well Water

Canister Systems


WellMAXX Features

  • Up to 3ppm Iron
  • Up to 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Up to 1ppm Manganese
  • Removes heavy sediment

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Tank Systems

O2 Hydro Single

O2Single Features

  • Up to 12ppm Iron
  • Up to 7ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Up to 4ppm Manganese

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Orange or brown well water can be attributed to elevated levels of iron and sediment. Besides being unsightly and distasteful, iron and manganese will stain fixtures, hair, clothing and water appliances. Soluble iron can’t be seen, but it is still corrosive and can damage pipes and appliances.

Hydrogen Sulfide will emit a rotten egg or sulfur smell which can permeate the entire plumbing system. Chemicals and pesticides, along with gases such as radon can seep out of the ground and contaminate a well. HydroCare systems offered by WAVE Home Solutions will solve the most predominant problems found in well water.