Space-Gard 2200 Air Cleaner

The Space-Gard 2200 air cleaner has a standard 20″ x 25″ filter and will fit many common air cleaners. The filter is MERV 10 and is compatible with the Aprilaire 4897 Upgrade Kit Rails. This unit is compatible with the Aprilaire 810 filter. To upgrade the unit, purchase the 4897 Upgrade Kit Rails. The filter is the same size as the Aprilaire 810, but is made of a higher MERV-quality media.

space gard 2200 filter

The Space-Gard 2200 air cleaner has a MERV 11 filter that requires two annual replacements. These filters are not washable and should be replaced at least once a year. Not replacing the filters on time may lead to heating and cooling problems. For this reason, it is a good idea to purchase an upgrade kit to increase the efficiency of the unit. This kit will also remove the pleat spacers from the filter and make future filter installations easier.

If you’re replacing the Space-Gard 2200 filter, be sure to purchase the correct size. It can be tricky to determine which size to purchase. But you can order the same one in different sizes if you’re unsure which is best for your home. Regardless of which size you choose, the Space-Gard air cleaner will work for you. And, you can even choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Space-Gard 2200 filter, you can do so with the Aprilaire 201 replacement filter. The MERV rating of the Aprilaire 201 filter is 11. This means that it has a greater efficiency rating than standard HEPA filters. The filter is made of poly media, which means that it will not tear and last for years. And because the pleat spacers are removed, future filters will be easier to install.

The Space-Gard 2200 air cleaner uses HEPA-type filtering science and is highly effective against larger and smaller particles. Its MERV 11 rating is a good indicator of its efficiency and helps you identify the need for a replacement. If you’re concerned about the amount of airborne pollutants in your home, the Space-Gard 2200 filter can save you money by reducing your electricity bill.

The Space-gard 2200 filter has a minimum MERV 11 efficiency rating, which means it should be changed at least twice a year. The Space-gard air cleaner must be changed every two years, but the filters are washable. Failure to replace the filters may affect your heating and cooling systems. If you want to improve the efficiency, you can use the Aprilaire 201 replacement filter, which has a minimum efficiency reporting value of 11.

The Space-Gard 2200 filter is an air cleaner that uses high-efficiency filters to purify the air in your home. It is designed to improve your home’s air quality by removing many contaminants from the air. If you want to get rid of bad odors, you should buy the Space-Gard model. The ODOR DEFENSE(tm) filter will keep the air cleaner free of bad odors and keep the air resistance low.

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