Reducing Chlorine and Fluoride With a Greensand Iron Filter Media

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Reducing Chlorine and Fluoride With a Greensand Iron Filter Media

Australia is a huge producer of iron ore and other minerals. So naturally there would be a lot of waste from this industry. Land & Water technology specialise in water iron & water purification from rural communities, municipalities & parks to large scale industrial operations located across Metro & Regional Western Australia. A simple water iron & water purification process can see your local water treated as if it was potable water. It works by removing rust, heavy metals, sulphates & lead. It is very similar to the process used at the mines to purify the water coming out of the rock.

The processing of iron varies depending on the type of iron particles that are present in the water or sediment. There are two main types of filters available water systems. These are pre-filter beds and post-filter beds. Pre-filter beds generally consist of a bed of gravel where sediment is filtered through to produce the final product. Post-filter beds are just the opposite, where water passes through an ion exchange resin bed to remove lead and other metallic ions before being cleaned by the carbon filter media.

There are several benefits of using iron filters. The most obvious is the removal of toxic chemicals such as cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury. But it also removes cysts, bacteria and parasites. Iron kills pathogenic organisms that cause waterborne diseases. For example when a horse is ridden, sweat dries on its hooves and in the manure left behind, the cyst-like organisms that are alive multiply and cause disease.

This type of iron filtration does not remove all of the beneficial nutrients. It leaves some of these in the water. However, it is effective in removing toxins from the water, which should be the goal. An additional benefit is that this type of filtration removes most of the impurities in it, thus reducing the pH level. In doing so, the water ionization returns to a more stable form and does not tend to an acidic condition, which is good for people with kidney problems. It is also said to be an effective treatment for metallic anemia and other illnesses that can cause the blood to be less than desirable.

When using a ferrous iron filter, the water passes over an activated carbon surface. This has two layers, the upper layer is made up of a ferrous base and an ionic surfactant which attracts the iron atoms and attaches them to the surface. As the water passes through the system, the bottom layer of the activated carbon catches and traps the iron atoms and then replaces them with oxygen. This is what provides the filtration benefits.

So if you’re looking for a water purification method that works efficiently and effectively, you might want to consider using a greensand filter media. It’s great for filtering out several different contaminants while leaving in the essential trace minerals your body needs. It’s great for filtering out chemicals and toxins, as well as removing excess sodium from the water supply. It is cost effective and has been found to be quite effective at purifying water. This is why a lot of people have switched to using a greensand water iron filter media in their homes.

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