EnerGo: Hot Water (Hydronic) Heating Systems

EnerGo: Hot Water Heating Systems

With its patented microprocessing system, EnerGo reduces fuel consumption, wear and tear, flue emissions and electrical usage when installed on any new or existing residential hot water (hydronic) heating system.

The unit saves energy by constantly monitoring and then adjusting your burner’s run pattern to match the system’s heat load. EnerGo determines the heat load with the help of an easily installed strap-on temperature sensor that monitors the boiler’s outflow water temperature and the rate that it changes.

Why Your System Is Inefficient

The boiler in your home is sized to give you heat during the coldest days of the year, which occur only about 1 to 2% of the heating season. Therefore, most days your boiler’s water temperatures does not need to be set at the aqua-stat setting, as a lower water temperature would heat up your home just as quickly. But since an aqua-stat turns on your burner every time the temperature dips below its setting, chances are you will have a lot of unnecessary on/off cycles, wasting both energy and fuel.

EnerGo Solution

An EnerGo unit takes advantage of your boiler system’s power by delaying the start of the burner when the aqua-stat calls it on. It does this with the help of a cutting-edge sensor that constantly comes up with a new start point for the burner. The end result is fewer on/off cycles and more efficient on cycles, saving you cash and boosting your home’s green power.