Ultraviolet Technology for Cleaner, Contaminant,

Odor and Allergen-Free Air

Both the whole house and portable WAVE Air Purifiers use cutting-edge technology to keep you and your family breathing clean air that is free of odor, contaminates and allergens. Two maintenance-free, energy-efficient ultraviolet wavelengths kill up to 99.99% of indoor air contaminates while attacking smoke and odor at their source and improving your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) efficiency.

UV technology that cleans the air

Each ultraviolet light tackles a different aspect of indoor air quality. The UVC area of WAVE Air Purifier attacks the DNA of all biological contaminants—such as mold, viruses, influenza, bacteria, SARS, pollen, dust mites and fecal matter—destroying them completely. The UVV section of the lamp uses oxidation to remove chemicals, formaldehyde, smoke, odors and aerosols.

The Portable Wave Air Purifier incorporates a 6 stage treatment process which utilizes a pre-filter, a H12 class HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a UVV & UVC "J " lamp, TiO2 catalyst, and ionization to give you air that is free of particulates, bacteria, viruses, dust, odors, chemicals, pet dander and allergens.

The Whole House Wave Air Purifier utilizes a turbulator that increases the time air is exposed to the powerful UV lamps. While similar UV air purification systems can lose up to 60% of their energy, the WAVE Air Purifier’s unique enclosed reflectors intensify the UV energy for increased purification, directing virtually 100% of the energy towards indoor air.

Intense Energy that cleans the air

Unlike air purifiers that have a small surface area and purify less air, the WAVE units are specially designed to draw in air parallel to the lamp for the maximum surface exposure , cleaning more indoor air throughout the day.

Air Purification