Tests Prove Wave Dual Action Water System

Purifies Water & Reduces Hardness

13600 NE 126th PL
Suite C
Kirkland, WA 98034


Date Sampled: 3/30/2011
Date Reported: 4/8/2011

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These water results from the City of Kirkland's water supply sampled by Aaron Young of AmTest, INC. The pre-treatment results are directly from a sink faucet in AmTest's laboratory. The post-treatment samples are from the same faucet after running through the DAWS system.  There was no introduction of any chemicals or outside treatment other than the DAWS filtration system.

Parameter Units PreTreatment MCL (mg/L) Post Treatment % Reduction
Arsenic mg/L 0.00034 0.05 0.00028 17.6
Copper mg/L 0.0852 1.3 0.0487 42.8
Hardness mg/L 26 - 23 11.5
Iron mg/L 0.046 0.3 0.015 67.4
Lead mg/L 0.00021 0.015 0.00007 66.7
Manganese mg/L 0.00241 0.05 0.00104 56.8
Odor TON 1 - 0 100
Residual Chlorine mg/L 0.23 - <0.1 100
Sulfur mg/L 0.64 - 0.53 17.2
Total THM's ug/L 3.5 80 <0.5 100

*MCL=Maximum Contaminant Level
**This test was drawn by Aaron Young of AmTest, INC. on 3/30/2011 at 12:30 PM.
AmTest, INC is a fully accredited environmental laboratory with Washington State Department of Ecology.
Laboratory ID: C554
Drinking Water ID: 066

Lab Report  Term Explanations:

1. MCL. Maximum Contamination Level. Although the values of the materials tested were below the maximum contaminate level threshold, the DAWS system significantly reduced the levels of these materials (as indicated by the percent of change on the report)
2. Hardness Chart.
3. TON. Threshold Odor Number is derived by the number of times water must be diluted before odor is eliminated.
4. Many Material present in the water supply have suggested guideline levels, but are considered in limited quantities non-hazardous and do not have MCL values. Some of these materials are: hardness, odor, residual chlorine and sulfur.

The hardness of water is referred to by three types of measurements: grains per gallon, milligrams per liter (mg/L), or parts per million (ppm). typically, the water produced by Fairfax Water is considered "moderately hard" to "hard." The table below is provided as a reference.

Water Hardness Scale

Grains Per Gallon Milligrams Per Liter (mg/L) or Parts Per Million (ppm) Classification
less than 1.0 less than 17.1 Soft
1.0-3.5 17.1-60 Slightly Hard
3.5-7.0 60-120 Moderately Hard
7.0-10.5 120-180 Hard
over 10.5 over 180 Very Hard