Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Limescale Eliminator Work?

The Limescale Eliminator breaks up hard water clogs and prevents mineral buildup in your entire water system. You simply clip the compact unit to the pipe that leads to your water heater, and then plug it into an outlet. The Limescale Eliminator begins working right away, transmitting a patented signal into your entire water system. When your water is heated, this signal prevents minerals from depositing on the inside of your pipes. Plus, it dissolves existing buildup of lime scale and treats the water throughout your entire house. It's safe, harmless, maintenance-free and guaranteed.

What effect does it have on drinking water?

The Limescale Eliminator does not change the chemical composition of the water in any way; it works purely on a physical basis. Essential minerals for healthy drinking and good taste are retained in the water.

Is the Limescale Eliminator easy to install?

Yes, the unit simply clips to the pipe, is plugged into an outlet and is switched on.

Where should I fit the Limescale Eliminator?

We recommend it is placed on the cold feed to the hot water tank.

Direct fired water heating

Will the Limescale Eliminator de-scale as well as prevent scale?

It will de-scale existing clogs, and depending on the severity it may be a gradual process over a period of months. The Limescale Eliminator dissolves the already formed lime scale. However, not all blockage is lime scale - some scale buildup cannot be dissolved and can only be removed by acid cleaning. Once a system is cleaned it is less likely to scale up again.

What is Lime scale?

Minerals that are naturally in the water supply will clump together and attach to surfaces when heated up. They increase in diameter over time and reduce the water pressure in the pipes and are similar to having clogged arteries. Limescale can cause many costly problems in your home if not properly treated or removed.

Limescale buildup

Does the Limescale Eliminator work on plastic/lead pipes?

Yes, the technology ensures that the unique field propagates through the entire system regardless of the type of pipe work material.

Does the Limescale Eliminator protect the central heating system?

Yes, the signal transmits through the water in the copper cylinder itself, via the heat exchange coil. The water inside the central heating system is flowing freely without mineral buildup, thereby protecting the boiler and other components.

Will the Limescale Eliminator protect cold water going to the kitchen etc?

Yes, it is not dependent on water flow like other devices; i.e. the water does not have to flow past the unit in order to be treated. Rather than taking the water to the treatment, we are taking the treatment to the water. Our patented signal transmits along conductive materials, e.g. water or metal, and therefore throughout the whole system (primary and secondary), protecting it 24 hours a day.

Is there any special electrical or plumbing work required?

No, it’s easily installed on existing pipes and plugs into any outlet. The unit comes with the required plug/transformer. The unit emits a long WAVE radio signal on a frequency of 120-140kHz, and will not effect sensitive electrical equipment.

Please Note: Wave Limescale Eliminator units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.