WAVE Ventilation: Full Performance Guarantee


WAVE Ventilation units are built to the highest standards, ensuring your guaranteed satisfaction. Our unique one year Performance Guarantee allows you to obtain a refund for the purchase price of the unit if you are not satisfied with the performance of your Wave Ventilation unit.

It may take a significant time to reduce the moisture levels that have accumulated over the years in various building materials (i.e. concrete, cinderblock, drywall, etc.). In order to fully realize the effectiveness and benefits of the unit, it is recommended that it be allowed to operate for a couple of seasons.

If at any time after installation, your WAVE Ventilation unit is not reducing moisture problems, please call our service department at 1-888-533-1348 option 2 to verify that your system is being used in a manner that permits it to operate at maximum efficiency. There must be prior notification to the dealer of any performance issues to allow for recommendations and additional moisture reduction, and remedial measures in order to achieve optimum results.

If within that first year and after notice to us has been given during that time period, indoor moisture problems persist after additional curing measures have been taken, the service department will issue a return authorization number. A return authorization will not be issued if there has been no prior notification of performance issues and recommended solutions have been not been implemented.  To return a unit and receive credit, obtain a return authorization from your dealer, package the system per FedEx specifications, and return with proof of purchase with the authorization number clearly marked on the box. Please allow for 30 days from time of receipt of the returned unit for testing and processing. 

If the unit is returned without an authorization number or if it is returned prior to at least 10 months of operation, a $150 restocking fee plus freight and handling charge will be deducted from the refund. The unit must be returned in good condition within 60 days after an authorization has been given.

The refund amount is limited to the cash purchase price of the unit. It excludes any consequential or incidental damages (i.e. including but not limited to freight, labor, repair and maintenance to buildings, etc.), and excludes, if applicable, any finance fees and interest charges paid to your finance company.

If the system is returned prior to its installation within 45 days of receipt of the system, for reasons that are not the fault of the homeowner (i.e. inability to install the system due to house construction), a full refund will be sent to the homeowner. No refund will be issued for a non-installed unit that is not returned within 45 days. 

This Guarantee is for performance only and any parts or workmanship defects are covered separately under the Manufacturer's Parts Warranty.


Important Notice: In order to be eligible for the One Year Performance Guarantee, customers must send the Installation Completion Certificate signed by the installer, along with the completed warranty card. Customers should make and retain copies of all paperwork for their records.