EnerGo: Forced-Air Heating Systems

With its patented microprocessing system, EnerGo reduces fuel consumption, wear and tear, flue emissions and electrical usage when installed on any new or existing residential forced-air furnace.

Why Your Furnace Is Inefficient

At a certain point during your home’s heating process, your furnace reaches a maximum temperature and cannot get any hotter. The burner continues to run despite the fact that it is not generating extra heat, wasting both fuel and energy.

EnerGo Solution

EnerGo Forced Air Heating Systems

Once your desired temperature is reached, EnerGo will shut your furnace’s burner off. Your furnace blower, however, will still continue to blow hot air throughout the house, achieving the desired temperature in the same amount of time. EnerGo will measure the rate of temperature change in the circulating air to determine when to turn the burner back on, saving your home (and wallet!) and environment from excess energy consumption.