How often do the media in the canisters need to be changed?

Processing performance will be determined by the amount of water being processed and the level of iron and other water issues that can affect the media surfaces. On the average the processing media should be changed between 6-9 months. The pressure gauges will indicate the pressure flow of water coming into the system and then measure it as it leaves the processing canisters. A differential of 8 to 10 PSI between the pressure gauges will indicate that the media need to be changed.

Why select a whole house system?

The system eliminates limescale and provides water purity throughout the entire house including all the pipes, appliances, fixtures and water faucets. It removes chlorine that can be harmful even when showering and bathing. Where issues with iron, odors, taste and stains are evident, the system removes these conditions.

How does this system compare to other filtration units?

The system features a proprietary blend of catalytic and process media including: electrochemical, electronic, catalytic, oxidation/reduction, and adsorption. They are designed specifically to enhance their performance through increased electron contaminate exchange and molecular transfer, which forces a plating of many contaminates to the media surface These media are proven to remove the majority of impurities in the water supply. Common filter systems cannot provide these collective and treatment processes.

What is unique about a parallel flow?

By directing the water flow into both processing canisters at once there is no drop in water pressure and a much higher flow of water on demand. Other systems with filters in sequence will only flow as much as the slowest filter permits. The physics of the parallel flow process doubles the surface area and contact time; essential for maximum catalytic reactivity and purification efficiency

Why is this system better than a reverse osmosis system?

Unlike a reverse osmosis system this will not remove the essential minerals that are essential for health and taste appeal. This system will not lose pressure nor require any additional storage tanks and adjustments.

What media are used in the processing canisters?

The media are the most advanced in the market and are designed to solve the majority of water quality issues. They utilize different technologies to target specific impurities and to improve on their performance in a system as opposed to operating separately.

How complicated is the installation?

The system is designed with modular components for ease of assembly and installation. It requires mounting the system to the wall, and plumbing it to the water line. It does not require welding or extensive rerouting of plumbing lines. A plumber can readily install in 1-2 hours. It is recommended to install a water shutoff valve to easily turn off the water to the house for ease of water management and for ease of changing filters. It can be readily adapted to fit any size of pipe coming into the house.


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