WAVE Ventilation: Crawl Space

While small, a moist, humid crawlspace can contaminate the air of an entire home, causing Sick Home Syndrome and structural damage. A WAVE Ventilation crawl space unit is a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution that saves homeowners energy, costly repairs and peace of mind.

Product Specifications:

Wave Ventilation Crawl Space Unit

  • Includes: Exhaust ventilation, booster fan, backdraft damper and ducting
  • Dimensions: 30” tall x 11” wide x 7” deep
  • Air Flow High Mode: 180CFM (exhaust) / 180CFM (recirculating)
  • Air Flow Maintenance: 40CFM (exhaust) / 40CFM (recirculating)
  • Power: 76 watts Capacity: 3,000 sq. feet Model Number: WV-CC
  • Warranty: 10 year parts warranty


A ventilation unit is installed to pull in the in the most problematic air at the floor level in the crawl space and expel out odors, moisture, pollutants, gases (combustion, radon, etc.), through a dedicated duct to the outside. A dehumidistat measures the relative humidity and will expel the air at 180 cfm when the readings are high (which does not exceed the rate of two bathrooms fans). When the relative humidity drops to the desired setting (50%-60%), the unit will drop to a maintenance mode of low rate of 40 cfm to control conditions.



A booster fan installed in the floor above pulls down replenishment air into the crawl space. The relatively warmer, drier air from the upper level will raise temperature and lower relative humidity. A fresher healthier air supply from the upper level dramatically improves air quality. A unified dehumidistat control for both fans controls the ventilation rate to keep the air pressure in balance. There is extensive ducting to provide air circulation throughout, drying out the structure and preventing stagnation. A backdraft damper is included to prevent air in the crawl from reentering the living areas. Providing mechanical replenishment will assure that the replenishment air is not coming from the outside through vents or cracks.


The exhaust ventilation together with the booster replenishment creates a strong combined airflow throughout the entire structure, extracting moisture and condensation. As the moisture is drawn off the surface by the airflow, the moisture absorbed in the walls, beams and floors comes to the surface and is then expelled. The unit creates an air circulation pattern in the entire house, providing a necessary healthy air exchange throughout the house 6-10 times a day; keeping structure dry, and reducing moisture problems. The continuous controlled ventilation will maintain moisture control, air quality and protect structural integrity.