Why is HydroCare Better Than Salt and Chemical Water Softeners?

You may have heard of, or even tried, salt-based water softeners. While HydroCare is a solution to limescale, it is important to note that it is distinctly different than salt and chemical water softener systems.

Water softener systems remove the minerals that classify water as “hard,” replacing them with sodium. This method presents both environmental and health issues.

Environmental Issues

The treatment of hard water with salt requires backwashes, which, if not desalinated before reentering the water supply, can harm plant life and agriculture. Many states are proposing legislation to ban these salt systems entirely because of the environmental impact and the expense of desalination. In fact, California has already passed legislation that allows communities to ban salt-based softener systems . Salt-based water softeners also waste up to 25 gallons of water each time the system is “charged.”

Health Issues

Hard water is not a health hazard. In fact, according to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, hard drinking water contributes towards the human dietary needs of calcium and magnesium. Salt-based water softening systems remove these essential minerals and replace them with salt, which can be a health concern to many.

Technology Comparison

  HydroCare Salt-Based Water Softeners
Limescale Prevents future buildup; Breaks up existing buildup While preventing future buildup, does not treat existing buildup
Minerals Retains natural level of healthy minerals in water Removes healthy minerals
Salt No increase in salt Increases salt content in water, making it potentially dangerous for those on low-sodium diets
Corrosion Removal of existing limescale reduces corrosion Salt increases corrosion, which leads to hot water appliance failure
Maintenance Maintenance-free Frequent flushes and adjustments needed; Salt bags must be frequently purchased and replenished
Water Usage No water wasted Flushes waste water, approximately 10-15 million gallons per year
Environment Environmentally friendly Salt from flushes must be treated to prevent damaging plant life, which is of high cost to municipalities
Installation Easily clips on pipe and plugs in; No complicated installation or extra space required Requires special plumbing, electric and lots of space
Cost Low-cost with no additional expenses High initial investment plus regular maintenance
Please Note: HydroCare units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.