Limescale Eliminator Surpasses Hard Water Coils and Magnets

Wave's cutting-edge, limescale-fighting technology far surpasses other technologies—such as magnetic coils—on every level, from effectiveness to installation.

While the U.S. market was skeptical at first that the Limescale Eliminator was another mediocre magnetic solution to limescale, it quickly became apparent that the technologically advanced system belonged in an entirely different category from magnetic-based anti-limescale products.

All physical water conditioners (Limescale Eliminator, magnets, coils) follow the same basic principle of trying to encourage mineral ions to form small suspended crystals in water rather than a solid mass of crystals on pipes or equipment. To do this they need to manipulate the ions in some way. The Limescale Eliminator does so with electric fields but another common way of doing this is to use magnetic fields. What’s the difference?

Limescale Eliminator:

The limescale elimination unit is installed on the cold pipe right before the water heater. The signal travels constantly in both directions, causing the mineral ions to form clusters. When cold water enters the water heater or a heat exchanger in an appliance, the clusters in the water grow and become crystals that remain suspended in water and do not come apart. The Limescale Eliminator's hard water break-up signal also goes backwards forming clusters throughout all the cold water pipes.

HyrdoCare UnitHydroCare from Wave Home Solutions


Some magnets will also form clusters—though it takes much time and energy to do this—in cold water that will turn into crystals when heated. The magnets, or wrap-around wires, do not send a signal in both directions, and there must be water flowing past the magnets to get electrical energy to form the clusters. The units can not be installed before the water heater because the cold water that forks away before the water heater, and is brought to appliances with heat exchangers, will not have clusters. This is why companies require that their units get installed on the main pipe where the water enters the house.

Theoretically, if the water is constantly flowing, the magnets would be effective as well. The clusters would form and for a time (98% go back in solution within 3 minutes) stay as clusters until heated and would then form crystals. However, household water flows only about one to two hours a day. When the water stops flowing, the clusters fall apart. Therefore, the water between the magnet and hot water appliances will go back to its original state without clusters and form limescale when heated.

Double Coil System:

In these types of devices, two coils are wrapped around the pipe. These devices attempt to generate an electric field into the pipe, but do so in an inefficient way. This is in contrast to the Wave system of using transformer technology to directly send a current along a pipe. The difference in the amount of power transferred to the pipe and the water is huge. Testing shows that a single Limescale Eliminator unit can direct about 30,000 times more power into the water than a double coil system.

The proof that the Limescale Eliminator is different than all other physical limescale solutions is that these devices require the unit to be installed on the main pipe coming into the house before the pipe splits. This is because the other devices cannot effectively send a signal. The Limescale Eliminator is the only physical anti-limescale device that does not need to be installed on the main pipe coming into a home. In fact, it is recommended that the Limescale Eliminator be installed further down the line, before the water heater and after the main pipe has already split. This is because Wave's Limescale Eliminator is the only device that effectively sends a signal in all directions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Limescale Eliminator Magnetic Coils
Installation Easily clips on pipes Coils must be tightly wrapped around pipes to work
Signal Radio frequency of random sine waves from transmitter effectively remove limescale and prevent more from forming Square waves from magnetic coils proven not as effective as random sine  waves
Strength Signal strength remains constant in entire house and all appliances Signal present only in vicinity of magnets with significant to total loss of signal strength as it moves away from magnetic coils
Direction Signal works both upstream and downstream Travels only with flow of water, i.e. only upstream
Operation Does not need water flow Signal fades without flow
Time Operates 24/7 Does not operate most of the day
Consistency Consistently strong signal Water temperature and flow reduce effectiveness*

* If water is not used for more than 48 hours, it will revert back to hard water with the negative effects. Tests on magnetic coils conducted at Purdue University found “no significant, beneficial variation in the physical or chemical water quality parameters measured.” With the Limescale Eliminator the signal is constantly traveling around your home, removing and preventing limescale, saving homeowners both money and frustration.

Please Note: Wave Limescale Eliminator units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.