Dehumidifiers: Costly, Troublesome and Ineffective

Many homeowners use dehumidifiers as a means of lowering indoor moisture levels without realizing that they are extremely costly to run, do not address air quality issues, and are not effective in extracting saturated moisture. Dehumidifiers recycle the same stale air continuously. Changing filters and emptying buckets of water becomes a hassle and, if not done frequently, the water becomes a breeding ground for mold and biological growth. They are often turned off because of maintenance, noise and the heat coming from them. Perhaps scariest of all, they can overheat and cause a fire. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least 1.5 million dehumidifiers were recalled in 2002 for overheating and causing fires.

WAVE Ventilation beats dehumidifiers on every level, including the fact that a WAVE Ventilation unit is 90% less expensive to run! Saving $500 or more each year!

WAVE Ventilation vs. Dehumidifiers

  • Wave Ventilation units are totally maintenance free- no buckets of water or filters to change. Just set the desired target relative humidity and the unit will work year-round for optimum results
  • Even on high, WAVE Ventilation uses only 38 watts, translating to several hundreds of dollars worth of savings each year. ($3 per month in electricity versus an average of $40 to $70 for a dehumidifier. Some high-capacity dehumidifiers can cost $100 or more to operate each month.)
  • A WAVE Ventilation unit will expel harmful pollutants and create a whole-house air exchange, whereas dehumidifiers recirculate the same contaminated air.
  • Just one WAVE Ventilation provides moisture control for an entire home, including a basement and/or crawl space and all upper levels. Dehumidifiers provide limited moisture control within a specified area, resulting in a need for additional units to achieve moisture reduction throughout an entire home.
  • A WAVE Ventilation unit extracts moisture deep inside the structure of your home, saving you from costly home repairs. Dehumidifiers do not provide the air circulation needed to dry out the structure of your home.