WAVE Ventilation: Basement

Our most popular model, this unit is designed for homes with basements of varying sizes. The expandable height allows flexibility when choosing the perfect spot for installation, ensuring that the unit will achieve maximum results in reducing humidity, moisture, condensation, and basement odors. The unit has a powerful, quiet fan that moves significant amounts of air with barely any expense of energy or cost. Compact and discrete, this unit is designed to blend in with any decor.

Basement Computerized Unit

  • Dimensions: 62" to 97" tall x 11" wide x 7" deep
  • Airflow range: 40 cfm low to 230 cfm high
  • Power: 35 watts
  • Capacity: 2100 sq. ft. basement
  • Model No: WV-SCBT
  • Warranty: 8 year warranty on fan and cabinet; 4 year warranty on electronics
  • Computerized sensor evaluates the ventilation and replenishment process; continuously assessing the changes in relative humidity, temperature and overall trend patterns.
  • Reduces the ventilation rate when conditions are unfavorable and monitors trend changes in relative humidity. When the conditions resume to favorable trends the unit will automatically resume optimum ventilation for maximum results. All the while, it still operates at the lowest rate for healthy air exchange purposes and reduction of basement odor and indoor air contaminants.
  • Increases air exchange process when relative humidity is lower such as at nighttime and decreases when it is extremely hot and humid outside and the air conditioning is working at maximum.

Whatever the conditions outside, the computerized Wave Ventilation Basement unit will self adjust to provide the optimum indoor air environment with less humidity, moisture, and musty basement odors.


Wave Ventilation Basement Unit BT Sensor Control Unit