Prove Effectiveness of WAVE Air Purifier’s UV Technology

Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Homeland Security and prestigious universities and institutes have proven the effectiveness of the UV technology in the WAVE Air Purifier in decontaminating indoor air.

Reduction in Bacterial and Viral Contaminants by 93-99.97%

The EPA and National Homeland Security Research Center tested a cross section of bacterial and viral contaminants and found that WAVE Air Purifier’s technology destroyed between 93% and 99.97% of bacterial and viral contaminants with first implementation.

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Significant Decrease of Symptoms Associated With Contaminated Indoor Air

A two-year double-blind study by McGill University published in British medical journal, The Lancet, reported that UV air purifier technology demonstrated a

  • 40% reduction in respiratory symptoms associated with contaminated indoor air
  • 20% reduction in all other symptoms associated with contaminated indoor air
  • 99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations

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UV Technology Battles Tuberculosis Bacteria

A study by the Montreal Chest Institute on UV air purifier technology showed a 90% reduction of tuberculosis bacteria in its highly contagious sputum induction room.

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