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Wellmaxx Well Water System

WellMaxx Well Water System

High Capacity Whole House Well Water System. Removes high levels of sediment, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and iron. No backwashing.

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Well Water Pollutants – Pollutants commonly found in well water include heavy metals, minerals and other contaminants that can cause the water to taste or smell bad, and can be difficult to live with. The water can be brownish, smell putrid, leave stains and corrode appliances and fixtures. But even worse than the negative aesthetics, pollutants seeping into your home’s well water supply can be dangerous to your health.

The good news is, a superior filtration solution for well water does not have to be complex.

The Superior 3 Stage well water filtration system is both easy to install and to maintain, requiring only a basic filter change – no backwashing required!

WellMaxx Filtration System

  • Remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide
  • Get rid of brown water, rust stains and rotten smells
  • Protect appliances, fixtures and plumbing from iron corrosion
  • Supply fresh, clean, trouble-free water throughout the entire home
  • No need to rely on salt or chemicals

WellMaxx Canister System: The Superior 3 Stage well water filtration system is both easy to install and to maintain, requiring only a basic filter change – no backwashing required!

Wellmaxx Innovative 3 Stage Filtration Process

Stage 1: The water passes through a multi-gradient, 25-1 micron, dual density filter which removes sediment, ferric iron, and fine particles. It has 3 times the holding capacity of similar sized filters. It also contains a KDF core to inhibit bacterial and algae growth.

Stage 2: The second filter is an iron reduction cartridge which will effectively remove up to 3 ppm of ferrous iron (clear water iron), ferric iron, and .5ppm manganese.

Stage 3: Removes hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smell) up to 3 ppm, THMs, VOCs, chemicals and bad odor while improving taste.

Why Wellmaxx

The WellMaxx system is a compact, whole house system that provides well water purification in a series of three stages to remove iron, odors, sediment and other dangerous or corrosive minerals and chemicals that cause some of the most common issues in a home with well water, including foul odors and tastes, corrosion or staining.

This innovative well water filtration system is a large capacity system designed for the whole home:

  • Removes Iron, Odors, Sediment & more
  • Removes Elevated Levels of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Removes Chemicals and Pesticides
  • Prevents Rust Stains
  • KDF Prevents Bacteria and Algae Growth
  • Easy to Maintain – No Backwashing Required
  • No Salt or Chemicals
  • Simple to Install

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Max Iron (ppm) 3
Max Hydrogen Sulfide (ppm) 3
Max Manganese (ppm) .5
Max Pressure 100 psi
Min Pressure 30 psi
pH >7.0
Plumbing Inlet/Outlet 1″
Dimensions 24″W x 27″H x 9″D

Filter Life and Maintenance based on Iron Level

Iron Level Total Gallons 250gpd (4 persons) 125gpd (2 persons)
3ppm 26,000 104 days 208 days
2ppm 40,000 160 days 320 days
1ppm 80,000 320 days 640 days
.5ppm 160,000 640 days 1280 days

Filter Life and Maintenance based on Hydrogen Sulfide Level

Hydrogen Sulfide Level Total Gallons 250gpd (4 persons) 125gpd (2 persons)
3ppm 25,000 100 days 200 days
2ppm 45,000 180 days 360 days
1ppm 70,000 280 days 560 days
.5ppm 95,000 380 days 760 days


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