Smart Descaler


• Prevent & Remove Existing Limescale
• Save $$$ on Appliance Repair & Replacement
• Green Solution – No Salt, No Magnetic Coils, No Chemicals
• Keeps Healthy Minerals in the water
• Strong Signal throughout entire plumbing system
• Continuous Self-Monitoring of signal effectiveness
• 24/7 Operation. Signal transmitted even without water flow
• Only Pennies a day to operate
• Easy to Install – No Plumbing Required
• Works in all levels of hardness

The HydroCare Smart Descaler utilizes a revolutionary, patented, frequency of radio wave signals to prevent and eliminate existing limescale buildup. The Smart Descaler generates a continuous, strong signal which causes an ionic attraction between the calcium and magnesium so that they bond together to form microscopic crystals instead of adhering to pipes or heating elements. As the crystals travel throughout the plumbing system, the crystals will also peel away at any existing limescale buildup keeping all pipes and water appliances in pristine condition.



Prevents and Eliminates Limescale buildup throughout the entire house, in all conditions, all the time. No Salt, No Chemicals, No Maintenance. Works in all levels of hardness.