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Smart Descaler | Hard Water Solution

Smart Descaler | Hard Water Solution

Prevents and Eliminates Limescale buildup throughout the entire house, in all conditions, all the time. No Salt, No Chemicals, No Maintenance. Works in all levels of hardness.




Hard Water Problems: Calcium and Magnesium in water develops into limescale that attaches to plumbing surfaces, heating elements and fixtures, reducing efficiency and causing corrosion.

Battelle Study

  • The appearance of spotting or stains is an indicator of a bigger problem within the plumbing system.
  • Limescale encrusts heating elements in appliances robbing them of energy efficiency and leading to early equipment failure.
  • Limescale will also clog pipes and restrict water flow.
  • The Battelle Study on hard water found a 24% loss of energy efficiency in water heaters and a 75% decrease in water flow from shower heads due to limescale buildup.

The HydroCare Smart Descaler® utilizes a revolutionary, patent pending and FCC approved, electrochemical signal to eliminate existing limescale and prevent limescale build-up. The Smart Descaler’s electrochemical signal provides energy to dissolve limescale, breaking it down into its natural calcium and carbonate ions, which wash away with water flow. The electrical signal induces a chemical reaction, dissolving the limescale. The Smart Descaler generates a continuous, strong signal which also prevents limescale from adhering to pipes and water heater and dishwater heating elements, keeping all pipes and water appliances in pristine condition.

Why Smart Descaler®

Save Energy, Save Appliance Life, Save Water, Save Money

The Smart Descaler is unlike any other water conditioner. This system prevents and removes existing scale without using magnetic coils or wraps, salts or chemicals. This means the healthy calcium and magnesium minerals remain in the water, but don’t cause limescale build up and corrosion.

Smart Descaler Features:

  • Green Solution* – No Salt, No Magnetic Coils, No Chemicals
  • Keeps Healthy Minerals in the water
  • Save $$$ on Appliance Repair & Replacement
  • Strong Signal throughout entire plumbing system
  • Continuous Self-Monitoring of signal effectiveness
  • 24/7 Operation. Signal transmitted even without water flow
  • Only Pennies a day to operate
  • Front panel lights guide the user to optimum installation location
  • Easy to Install – No Plumbing Required
  • Works in all levels of hardness

*Municipalities are banning water softening conditioners because of the negative environmental impact cost of salts, chemicals, and backwashing.


When compared to salt-based water softeners, the Smart Descaler:

  • Does not add anything to the water
  • Does not remove the healthy calcium and magnesium minerals
  • Saves Money – No Servicing, No salt bags
  • Will not waste water with backwashing
  • Requires no maintenance

The Smart Descaler Compared to Other Hardwater Conditioners

Comparing the WAVE Smart Descaler

Comparison Chart



Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3.375″ x 1″.
Uses only 10 watts
Works on all types of pipes and sizes from 3/4″ – 2″


How to Easily Install Your Smart Descaler

Video showing the WAVE Smart Descaler installation

Download the PDFClick here for installation information


Download the PDFClick here to see the WAVE Water Products Performance Guarantee

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