CityPlus City Water System


2 Stage System for cleaner, healthier, great tasting water from every faucet.

  • 99% Removal of Chlorine, Cysts & Parasites
  • 95% Removal of THMs & VOCs,
  • High Reduction of Chemicals, & More
  • Removes Sediment and Insoluble Iron
  • Reduces odors and improves taste
  • Utilizes Nanotechnology
  • Media is ANSI/NSF 61 certified
  • No backwashing required

The CityPlus incorporates a 25-1 micron filter and Carbon Block with patented Nanotechnology to providing superior water filtration.

Make sure that all the water flowing through your home far surpasses minimum government standards for clean, healthy water.



High Capacity 2 Stage City Water system. Removes Chlorine, THM, VOCs, iron and other prevalent contaminants. Nano technology for superior purification.