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  • Whole House Water Filtration: Quadmaxx

    Quadmaxx City Water Whole Home Filter

    Compact Whole House City Water filtration system. Removes 99% chlorine, cysts, and reduces harmful chemicals with virtually no pressure loss.

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  • CityPlus-temp

    CityPlus City Water System

    High Capacity 2 Stage City Water system. Removes Chlorine, THM, VOCs, iron and other prevalent contaminants. Nano technology for superior purification.

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  • CityMaxx

    CityMaxx City Water System

    High Capacity 3 Stage City Water System. Removes chlorine, cysts, and reduces a host of harmful contaminants. Prevents and Eliminates Limescale as well.

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  • City Supreme New closer

    CitySupreme City Water System

    Revolutionary Whole House City Water System removes both chlorine and chloramines as well as THMs, VOCs, lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, iron and more.

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  • Best Whole House Water Filter: Welmaxx

    Wellmaxx Well Water System

    High Capacity Whole House Well Water System. Removes high levels of sediment, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and iron. No backwashing.

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  • O2S close

    O2 Hydro Single Tank

    Single Tank Whole House Well Water Treatment System. Removes up to 12 ppm iron, 7 ppm hydrogen sulfide, and 4 ppm manganese.

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  • Smart Descaler

    Smart Descaler

    Prevents and Eliminates Limescale buildup throughout the entire house, in all conditions, all the time. No Salt, No Chemicals, No Maintenance. Works in all levels of hardness.

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  • LimescaleFilter

    LimeScale Filter System

    Revolutionary Hard Water Solution to Remove & Prevent Limescale Buildup. Remediates Silica, Sulphates, Chlorides and more. No Salt, No Chemicals, No Electricity. No Tanks, No Backwashing. Includes pre-filter for sediment and iron removal.

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  • Whole House Water Filtration Systems: Dish Washer Water Softener

    Dishwasher Softener

    Under the sink salt-less softener. Connects to your dishwasher to prevent white spots and film due to hard water from forming on dishes and glasses. Easy to install and all parts are included.

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  • Activalve

    Automatic Water Shut-off

    Prevent water damage due to bursting of frozen pipes. Sensor automatically shuts off main water supply when ambient temperature reaches ~ 46°F .

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  • Wave Ventilation: Pre-Filter Assembly

    Pre-Filter Assembly (Includes 1 Filter)

    10″ Canister and assembly. Can be used as a pre-filter for the Quadmaxx or just as a simple filter.

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