My name is Art Sharkey and I have been in the water business for over 29 years. Amongst other duties I'm the water quality officer for the largest privately owned water system in the state of Oregon. For years I have dealt with customer inquirers on how to clean stains off of bathroom fixtures shower doors etc. I found some products that work but must are acid or other caustic material and require lots of elbow grease. I was looking for something that would prevent the build up of green scale caused mainly by calcium and magnesium. I found HydroCare online and it sounded interesting and also had a great guarantee. Not wanting to sell it to customer, I bought a few units and installed one of them in my own house. I took the time to flush my water heater before installation and also removed and photographed the top element of the water heater tank. Three weeks after installation of the HydroCare unit I removed the top element of the water heater and large pieces of the green scale had already dropped of the element. The other benefits have been a shower door that not longer collects that white hard to remove hard water stain, easy to clean toilet bowls just using a brush, and squeaky clean dishes and glass wear from the dishwasher without any jet dry! I now sell HydroCare to our water company customers because the product works.

Art Sharkey

After researching water conditioning devices for one year, we selected HydroCare because of the radiowave technology that provides continuous conditioning throughout the entire plumbing system. We have 2500 feet of radiant floor piping connected to our conventional household plumbing.

We installed the HydroCare unit January 3rd. In five short weeks, the HC-44 model has made noticeable changes on our various fixture surfaces. I delight in chasing the deposits with my fingernail and seeing them crumble and dissolve. At this time, we have some troublesome areas...I am not using any products to speed up the process...just watching with keen interest. In the areas the deposits are gone the daily cleaning is a breeze.

Thank you.

Carol M. St. Louis, MO

Carol Metzenthin


I would like to update you on the results that I have experienced at my home with the HydroCare unit.

As I have mentioned, my water is extremely hard (130 gr/gal.). I have a 4 cu. Ft. softener installed and it cannot keep up with the demand from my family of 4. I also have 2.5 ppm of iron as well. The conditioning of my water has always been a challenge.

After I installed you unit, I left the softener in service to take care of the iron issue. Immediately, I noticed a change in the water as the HydroCare unit seemed to be cleaning the scale and residue from the piping and showerheads. After about 3 days the water was totally clear and I felt comfortable with bypassing my softener.

The day that I bypassed my softener I wanted to run a test to see just how well your equipment could handle the hardness.

Well, we have a dishwasher that we could never use because everything would come out coated with white residue. In addition, the stainless steel interior was totally coated white from our attempts to use it.

Just before I left that morning, I loaded the dishwasher with a variety of glassware, silverware and plastic items. I turned the unit on and left for work. When I returned that evening, I opened the door to the washer and I was amazed to find that the dishes, glasses and silverware were clean and spotless. Also, the interior of the washer was bright stainless again. This feat was accomplished without any rinse agent as the container was never filled.

We have continued to enjoy the wonderful water thanks to your HydroCare unit.



Thank you so much for allowing me to provide my input on the HydroCare unit. Prior to agreeing to sell the HydroCare unit, I was cautious. We have been raised believing that water softeners were the only way to beat hard water deposits. So with great skepticism, I installed a HydroCare unit on to the water system in my own home.

I felt that if it did not perform for my family, there would be no way I could sell the product to my clients. After installing the unit, my wife noticed a huge difference in how her hair care products were performing for the better. I allowed the system to work for approximately 30 days and felt it was time to put it to the ultimate test.

We own a dark blue Chevrolet Suburban. It was a circus when washing it at home because of the water spots forming before I could dry it off. With the HydroCare unit working, I washed the Suburban and stepped back without a towel in my hand – no circus act. After it air dried, I was shocked to find very few water spots if any.

As a Florida State Master Plumbing Contractor and owner of American Plumbing Solutions (APS), I have sold many HydroCare units and have received rave reviews from all of our clients. One of our clients is a plastic surgeon. He and his wife hold parties many times throughout the year and they were tired of having spots on their wine glasses. The great part is that they didn’t have a water softener installed to begin with and it gave us another test subject. They started to see a huge difference as soon as the unit was installed. Their assistant washes the cars and also noticed that there was no need to dry them as frantically as before.

We were so impressed with the performance of the HydroCare unit that we decided to convince one of our large restaurant clients to bypass their water softener and install the larger, HC-40 (for 2” lines). We installed that in early 2008 and it has been working great for them. They were spending $75-$125 a month just on salt. The maintenance for the old softener was also a nightmare.

I am proud to back this product out of personal experience at my own home and the many homes and businesses of my clients.

Dayman T. Baker


After just 2-3 weeks of installing the device in my pool and home, I know that this solution works and benefits are seen very quickly. I just checked the chlorine level in my pool—almost no sign of chlorine. It is scary low!!!!! No sign of algae or mold. I have not added shock since end of July! The water is crystal clear! Normally during August I would have the chlorinator turn on high (5), I have it on very low setting (1 ½) and the 3” tabs are all but dissolved. Normally I would have to add shock on a weekly basis. On top of this incredible experience the scale is going away on my fountain steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don McKenty


We found your company quite by accident while looking for “true” green solutions on the Internet one night for our Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consulting Company – GrenovationX.

Intrigued by the idea of the engineering behind the product, we proceeded to educate ourselves on the product history, and chose to test a unit on our own home before marketing to others in our local area.

The HydroCare unit arrived within days… small, and in less than 5 minutes was installed with more effort in clearing a path to the hot water heater tank, than to click it on and plug it in.

My wife had grown up with soft well water, she was happy to see that although she could notice the soft feel of the water, it wasn’t too much to where she felt like she couldn’t get soap off of her hands. She was happy!

The spots on the glasses were immediately and significantly reduced. Within days most spots were fine and powdery, and hardly noticeable even without polishing.

The next step was when my wife noticed the reverse of build up at sink faucets. The white build up changed to a bluish green, and then disappeared as the process of build-up was reversed! Some corrosion has already occurred due to the years of the minerals eating away at it, but it’s back to bare metal nonetheless! I know it must be working inside the system as well because we have noticed a 25% saving on our hot water energy usage!

We’ve now taken it to a local restaurant as our first client…and they love it too!

You can’t beat this product for simple, easy to install, effective and cost efficient. This product will change the water softener industry…thanks HydroCare!

Gregory Farnham

The home unit works great I was apprehensive at first but within a month and a half my appliances were working great and a ton less water stains .. I'm getting one for the pool next

J Bossory

J. Bossory

Hi Patrick...

We installed our HydroCare HC-44 on Friday. Only a few hours later, I asked my husband if he had turned up the temperature on our Rinnai tankless water heater. He hadn't and he really thought that I was maybe imagining the change until he confirmed the fact on Saturday evening that it was indeed hotter...a lot hotter...to the point that it might be a good idea to turn it down some.

I wanted to see what the unit (HC-44) would do when I ran the dishwasher I ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher and it was amazing...the dishes felt completely different (clean, without any residue...what a difference!) and the upper dishwasher shelf, which was not moving in and out smoothly and made noises as it went, was 100% better. The excess limescale and residue buildup in the machine is gone ,and it is like I have a brand new dishwasher!

We are amazed at how fast the HydroCare HC-44 started to work and make an impact on our whole plumbing system. We are very pleased so far and would completely recommend it to any of our friends and family.

Thanks...we are really enjoying our HydroCare HC-44.

Joan and John Upham

We live 30 miles outside a small town in rural northwest Arizona where the water is extremely hard. We get our water from a well surrounded by granite and limestone.

Before we got the HydroCare Wave Hard Water Solution, we had white residue on everything that contained water. Our dishware and cooking utensils would come out of the dishwater covered with hard water residue. Our toilets, made of smooth ceramic, became rough and had to be brushed down after every use. Our shower heads had to be taken off and soaked in CLR or vinegar at least every month because the water flow became severely restricted. Even the filters in the main water faucets had to be soaked every month.

Then we purchased the HydroCare unit.

We noticed a difference within 2 weeks, Now 3 months later, the water coming from our faucets no longer has strings of minerals in it. The ceramic toilet bowls are once again smooth and shiny. The dishes come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean with no residue.

I unconditionally endorse the HydroCare system.

Keith R. Harvey

Six or eight weeks ago, I received a phone call from a company on the East Coast who asked if I would be interested in distributing a device they sell that de-scales piping systems and hot water heaters and prevents future scaling from occurring.

I asked for details of how it works and was told the device in question just clamps onto the cold water pipe entering the hot water heater, is then plugged in, and works by emitting a patented randomly changing electrical field that is induced in the water and distributed throughout the pipe system. This affects things in such a way as to cause the minerals in the water to not adhere to the side of the pipes and water heater. The device will even de-scale the mineral deposits that have adhered to the sides of your pipes and water heater.

In short, lime scale build up is both reversed and prevented from reoccurring.

I told him the claims he made seemed unrealistic but if he would send me a unit I would install it in my house. If after several weeks it worked, I would buy it, if not I would return it.

I'm buying it! It really works!

My wife has a very sensitive sense of smell and is very bothered by spotted glasses coming out of the dishwasher. She now claims the glasses are never spotted, she no longer buys the anti-spot rinse agent, and the funny smell the dishwasher has given off for years is gone.

I am now interested in distributing this device.

Kevin Carney

I’ve got to admit, when I bought 5 of the units I thought it was a lot of money for something so small, how could it really work? All I can tell you is I ran out of Jet dry for my dishwasher. You know what that means, everything will come out spotted until get a chance to get to the supermarket. Imagine my surprise when not only is it spotless, it is practically glowing like crystal. This product works, there is no mineral deposits left on anything. I cannot yet speak for the monetary savings, but I can only imagine how much more efficient my hot water heater and my boiler are running if there is no more mineral coating on the heating coils. This will pay for itself many times over I believe, not bad for a tiny maintenance free item that just needs to be plugged into a standard outlet.

Paul Joseph

I bought the HydroCare for limescale around 5 months ago and I am just amazed how well it started working when we attached it to our water heater. It has saved us on our electric bill plus our appliances work so much better and a lot easier to clean. We are so very much satisfied with the performance and would recommend this product to friends neighbors or associates who are having hard water problems. This is the easiest and best product that I have found. Thanks to hearing the commercial on the radio and pursuing by contact we are so happy. Thanks Wave Home Solutions for another satisfied customer

Paula Harris

We tested HydroCare for one month, checking its effectiveness each week. I began noticing differences almost immediately. The first thing I noticed was that the silverware began to sparkle like new. After two weeks, the scale build up on the inside of the dishwasher was beginning to break down, and the scale around the sink faucets wiped clean with just a wet paper towel. (Prior to this, we were unable to remove scale build up without a lot of elbow grease and abrasive pads).

After just six weeks, the HydroCare device not only proved to be the "solution" I was looking for in cleaning my dishes and glassware, it cleaned the residual scale in my dishwasher and faucets. I have now completely shut off my salt-water softener and am abandoning it in favor of the HydroCare RF water conditioner. In a word, this device is remarkable! I have ordered HydroCare dvices for my other two restaurants, one for my home and one for my sister's home.

Sam Manolakas

We live in the north part of Wichita on the river and use well water. We were unable to use our dishwasher because we have such hard water. The HydroCare provided a solution to our problem. Now the dishes come out clean – no more white powdery film. We chose the HydroCare over traditional water softeners because it doesn’t require salt to operate. We’re very happy with the service, with Handyman and with the product.


Hi Bill

I have now used the HC-44 Hydrocare unit for one week an thought I would report to you on our findings and observations so far. I am keeping a weekly journal and this is just my first week.

I can report on my personal observation after one week of installing the HC-44 Hydrocare unit. It appears that we are getting most of the benefits that traditional salt brine water softeners provide that the naysayers have said we would not notice to determine if the hard water is truly being treated by the Hydrocare technology. The one big salt brine negative for us that we are not getting is that slimy never feeling clean feeling when we shower. I am keeping a weekly journal of our observations and following is the first week. I know this is not scientific but again it is just our observations.

Terry Doane

Dear Dave,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our HydroCare unit, and for helping us become so forgetful! Yes, I said forgetful. We use to have that big old clunky Water Softener in the laundry room, which took up a lot of area. Storing the Salt was always a challenge as well. The regular maintenance and having to buy and add the salt was always at the bottom of my list for chores to do! On top of that, the water softener made the house water “feel” funny, and I don’t think it always lived up to it’s reputation to prevent lime scale from forming on the shower walls and doors – we always had some lime scale residue from it.

Now, with our new HydroCare unit we never have to worry about the Water Softener. Once the unit was up and running we’ve completely forgotten about it. We’ve forgotten that we had to have maintenance on the Softener, we’ve forgotten that we had to buy salt, and forgotten how to even add salt to the softener. We’ve forgotten about how much area in the laundry room the old softener took up! We’ve forgotten how the water “felt”. And best of all, we’ve forgotten what it is like to have to use special caustic products to get the residual lime deposits off the shower walls and doors.

Thanks Dave, for helping us become so forgetful and simplifying our lives! We really appreciate it!

Thomas and Patricia Bushman

Dear Warren,

Just a short note to say thank you.

My wife and I purchased a new dishwasher and within a short period of time the stainless portion of the internal cabinet was totally covered with white lime scale. We attached the HC unit to the cold water side of our Rinnai tankless water heater as per your directions. I might add that the installation was simpler than I could ever have imagined. It took less than 10 minutes.

After washing our first load of dishes, my wife and I were amazed as to how clean the dishwasher cabinet had become. In fact, it looked brand new again.

We also take extreme comfort in the realization that your HydroCare unit is also keeping the heat exchanger of our Rinnai tankless water heater from scale build up as well.

You have a great product! Thanks again.

William S. Stephenson, Jr.