Is Air Purifiers Safe?

Many people are asking themselves are air purifiers safe to use? Is a portable air cleaner better than a stationary unit? How about if you are using an older model of air purifier air air purifiers dangerous? Many are left wondering what could happen if they used an air purifier, but a closer look into this air purifier could leave you wondering why you would even worry.

are air purifiers safe

A common concern that even if the result is cleaner air, there may be some dangerous side effects which make the reverse true. So just why would you ever be skeptical about something as simple as an air purifier? Why would you trust someone who claims that the reason they have better air quality than others is because of their ionizer? You shouldn’t. You ought to be as concerned as you are able to be when it comes to the health of yourself and your family.

If you’re worried about the negative effects of living in a polluted environment, then the answer is simple. The less pollutants there are in the air, the less pollutants your body will absorb. If you aren’t breathing in pollutants from the air like smoke, dust and pet dander, then you have less pollutants to absorb. This will help to improve your overall health. Air purifiers remove pollutants from the air and in turn improve the quality of your breathing air.

Now if you’re worried about the particles being removed from the air, then you are also concerned about particles being inhaled. The particles are most often broken down by the carbon filters which are present in most air purifiers. The carbon filters ensure that these smaller particles are removed from the lungs and sent through the waste pipe, so as to leave out nothing that can cause harm.

It is also important to realize that ozone is dangerous to your health and if you breathe in any ozone or small amount of ozone for prolonged periods, you can suffer from severe respiratory problems. Ozone is created by the interaction between oxygen and hydrogen fluoride gas. The interaction of these two gases creates ozone, which irritates the eyes and is extremely harmful to your health. Therefore, the particles being removed by an air purifier are essential to protecting your health and well-being.

Finally, if we look at the costs of these devices, you will see that there is little justification for you to continue to use an air cleaner that uses ozone when you can have ionizers safe for your needs. Ionizers are far more cost-effective than ozone generators. In fact, an ionizer can be purchased for the same price as a month’s worth of ozone treatment at your local swimming pool. Furthermore, ionizers are environmentally friendly and even better for the environment. By purchasing an air purifier ionizer instead of one that uses ozone, you will be saving money, protecting the environment and making the decision that is right for your family.