How to Keep Heat in With a Home Ventilation System

Winterizing your home may keep cold air out and warm air in, but it could stop air from circulating properly. Proper airflow is important in creating a healthy indoor environment. It allows fresh air into your home, helping to expel pollutants and prevent condensation dampness. Basements and crawl spaces are more susceptible to condensation dampness than any other area in your home. Being below ground level and having limited ventilation, they trap moisture and pollutants that can be drawn into your living quarters through natural upward airflow.

Whole House Ventilation Continuously Maintains Dry Conditions

It is important to be aware of the signs of condensation dampness so you can take steps to resolve the problem and prevent it from getting worse. Typical signs of dampness include musty odors, water stains or mold on your floors and walls, and rotting of structural timbers, door frames, skirting boards and wood floors.

Installing a whole-house ventilation system is the easiest way to prevent condensation dampness in your home. The WAVE ventilation system expels cool, damp air from the lowest point in your home: your basement or crawl space. It then uses the warmer, fresher upstairs air to dry out your home and improve its air quality. Finally, it creates an air exchange that maintains a healthy indoor environment.

Moisture Control Minimizes Repairs to Your Home’s Structure

Left untreated, condensation dampness can foster mold growth, which can increase your risk of allergies and respiratory problems and cause structural damage to your home. The longer dampness lingers, the greater the chance that structural problems will develop. Whole house ventilation keeps your home dry, reducing the frequency, severity and cost of structural maintenance and repair.

Proper Ventilation Reduces Your Energy Costs

Many homeowners use dehumidifiers as a means of preventing condensation dampness, but they can be very expensive to run. The WAVE ventilation system not only adjusts ventilation and replenishment rates for optimal operational energy efficiency, it also reduces your heating costs: Studies show that it costs less to heat a dry environment than a damp one.

With a WAVE ventilation system, your home will stay warm and dry this winter. Contact us today to learn more.

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