How Can You Find Out If You Have Lead In Your Water?

Many of us read about the high levels of lead found in the water in Flint, MI. But what about the water where you live? Do you know how much lead your family is exposed to? How do you find out?

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If you ask your water company, they will tell you the level of lead that is in the water from the treatment plant. but the water still has  along way to travel before it gets to your sink. Think of all the old pipes the water needs to travel through. maybe you don’t want to think about it because that’s where the lead problem often begins.

Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech environmental engineering professor whose independent testing in Flint revealed significant lead contamination and who several years ago investigated lead contamination in the District of Columbia’s water system was quoted in a USA Today article stating, “You can test your house six times and it doesn’t mean you’re safe,” Even if all of those tests — and more — show no or low levels of contamination in the water, if the house has any lead plumbing, particles of lead can break off at any time.”

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Now what? Take matters in your own hand. Don’t rely on the government to keep the lead out. Install a water filter.

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