Highest-Rated Air Purifiers for the Home

The Air Purifier Company once again releases their highest rated air purifiers, as they did in the previous year. This time it is with a different brand of air purifier. In fact, the company had introduced five new models this year, all of which are very interesting and useful. They all have a lot of great features that really improve the quality of the air that you breathe. If you want to know more about the Air Purifier Company, here is the list of all their latest products.

highest rated air purifiers 2016

Air Purifiers: Air purifiers use two types of filters, namely, activated carbon and ion filters. The ion filter is made out of graphite or titanium dioxide and uses a reaction to produce negatively-charged ions. On the other hand, activated carbon filters use oxygen molecules as their filters. Carbon-based filters are more expensive but produce clean air because carbon ions are electro-chemically charged and are easy to remove. These filters, together with their ionic constituents, form the air purifiers.

The Air Purifier Company has released five new air purifiers this year, all of which have excellent reviews on the market. The newest model, the DHT Air Purifier, is inspired by the movie trilogy, The Dark Knight. It features a built-in DHT delivery system, which allows it to target DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone that’s responsible for a variety of unpleasant conditions like hair loss and acne. Other features include a liquid soap dispenser, a large display with the capacity to show the owner how much liquid soap is left, a handy measuring cup, a stainless steel carrying case, an auto shut off feature, an audible warning sound when the battery is low, and a long warranty.

The third highest rated air purifier this year is the Juicers Air Purifier V.S. This machine comes in at number four. The most obvious difference with this model is the liquid hand soap dispenser. Juicers uses two different kinds of liquid soap, one in each compartment of the juicer, which allows you to make your own hand soap without using any detergent.

The last of the top three air purifiers this year is the DHT Air Purifier V.S., which is also inspired by the movie trilogy, The Dark Knight. Like juicers, it utilizes two different kinds of liquid soap in each compartment of the juicer. One compartment is used to produce DHT, while the other compartment is used to collect the liquid soap. After the liquid soap has been purified, it can be used to wash your hands or just about anything else. A unique feature of the DHT Air Purifier is the ionization component. An invisible magnet attracts the DHT, preventing it from doing harm to the body.

It should be pretty clear why the DHT Air Purifier is so highly rated as the superior cleanliness alternative to juicers and air purifiers with built-in liquid soap. The fact that it does not use detergent is an added bonus. These three air purifiers should ensure clean air for the foreseeable future.