Hepa Air Purifiers With Permanent Filters – A Quick Review

If you are shopping for an air purifier, you should know that HEPA air purifier filters are the most effective when it comes to removing contaminants from the air we breathe. Researching top air purifier options on the market, then looking at detailed consumer reports on the air purifier. From there we should look at the list price. Once pricing was done, we should look at features. These are the final five air purifier options we should investigate.

The first air purifier option we have to look at is room coverage. This was found to be the best option for living spaces. The best room coverage percentages were found to be about twenty-five percent in living spaces and thirty-six percent in other rooms. The higher your room coverage percentage is the cleaner your air will be.

Another option we looked at was the HEPA air purifier with odor blocking capabilities. We also looked at the fan speed. All three of these measurements play a large role in the air quality of the room you choose to place the purifier. The air quality of the fan speed plays a much smaller part in the air quality than many people believe.

We found that the HEPA air purifier with odor blocking capability and the low speed slow washing settings were the best choice for odor removal. The low speed setting allows the air to be cleaned through mechanical action of the HEPA filter. The cleaning takes place as the air passes over each piece of the permanent filter. As the air passes over the filters, it picks up all of the small particles that would otherwise settle inside the filter and cause an air plume that some people find to be offensive or unpleasant. In the case of the permanent filter, some people find they do not even have to worry about an offensive smell.

The size of the room where you want to place your purifier can play a big factor in the selection of the right one. The amount of space available is important to some consumers and a larger purifier may be required for the space you have available. There are portable options that are very light and easy to store. Some portable air purifiers are referred to as ionic air purifiers. These use a special filter that attracts negative ions, which are believed to be health beneficial.

As a final thought, we recommend that you determine the recommended room coverage (RC) of your purifier. RC is simply the estimated amount of dust to be disturbed by the airflow in any given area. We recommend selecting the most recommended RC that your particular purifier can manage. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a machine that is over or under performing in any one particular category. Your best bet is to read up on the specific brand or model that you are considering to make sure that it is performing at its highest level.