Do Air Purifiers Work?

How do air purifiers work? This is a question that most people ask without knowing the answer. To efficiently do their job, air purifying machines have to do 2 tasks: create stable airflow through the purifier (measured in CFM) and purify the air by using activated carbon, ionizer, or oxygen. These units have to use good filters to effectively purify the air as well. Air purifying machines are used to make the air cleaner and more healthy for everyone in the household. In order for the air purifier to work effectively it has to be serviced regularly.

do air purifiers work

How do air purifiers work to improve air quality? When properly maintained, an air purifier increases the indoor air quality by removing particles like dust, pollen, molds, smoke, germs, vapors, and animal dander. An air purifier can remove these large particles from the air inside your home or office building. The air purifier also removes bacteria and viruses that can cause health problems for you and your family.

How do ionic air filters work? This type of filter is based on the interaction between water and an ion or electronic particle (in this case, pollutants) on the filter’s surface. As the pollutant moves through the filter, it collides with the surface and the electronic charge discharges of the pollutant into the room. Pollutants like dust and pet dander are easily removed by using ionic air filters.

How do indoor air purifiers work to improve indoor air quality? They trap indoor air pollutants inside their filters and transform them into harmless gas or liquid. Purified air then flows through a pre-filter which captures most of the pollutants. This pre-filter is made of a fine mesh. Air then passes through this to reach the air return. With fresh air flowing through, your fresh airy lungs will be filled with crisp and clean air.

What types of air purifier ionizers can you use? There are several types of air purifier ionizers that you can use to effectively remove particles from the air including: positive ion therapy, negative ion therapy, and electron exchange. Positive ion therapy uses negatively charged ions to remove contaminants. Negative ion therapy (NRT) uses positively charged ions to remove contaminants. Electron exchange uses electrons to remove particles.

You can have cleaner air by purchasing air purifier ionizers and filters. These filters attach to your air cleaner and help to trap particles in the air. Fresh air can be breathed easily if you have clean filters. Filters can be purchased at your local hardware store or department store. Do not forget to call the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding filters or purification.

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