Eliminate Hard Water Limescale Buildup & Save On Energy Bills

Do you often find yourself frustrated with:

  • Spots on newly washed dishes from your dishwasher?
  • Short-lived water heaters and other hot water appliances?
  • Mineral buildup on your faucets, showerheads and bathtub?
  • Poorly washed clothes from your washing machine?

If so, chances are you have hard water. Hard water (compared to "soft water") has high mineral content, and the daily frustration you’re experiencing is the manifestation of a much larger problem: Limsescale buildup.

85% of American homes have hard water. Left untreated, minerals in hard water collect inside appliances and pipes, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan, and slapping homeowners with an energy loss up to a whopping 30%. Ugly limsescale buildup also clogs plumbing system pipes, leading to lower water pressure throughout your entire home.

Without the use of ineffective magnetic coils, salts or chemicals WAVE Home Solutions’ cutting-edge HydroCare system eliminates limescale buildup throughout your entire home, both preventing it and breaking down what’s already there, through easily installed, environmentally friendly, maintenance-free technology that saves homeowners an average of $1,200 every year.

Available HydroCare Models:

HydroCare HC-44


  • small photo of HC-44
Please Note: HydroCare units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.

  • Solutions

    Eliminate hard water limescale buildup, which reduces hot water appliance effectiveness and decreases water pressure, and saves thousands over the years.

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  • Technology

    The technology in HydroCare is an environmentally friendly and guaranteed solution to break up limescale and prevent buildup without the use of salts, magnets or chemicals.

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  • FAQs

    You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Find out all you need to know about the most effective, non-chemical treatment for reducing limescale in your home.

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