WAVE Home Solutions is proud to offer superior technologies that solve major water quality issues of limescale and impurities. Overall water quality has been deteriorating and WAVE has developed products to meet the demand for easy, effective advanced technologies. They are environmentally friendly, energy saving, affordable and maintenance free with extended warranties and performance guaranteed. Your family's well being is our mission.

Limescale Solution
  • Prevent and breakdown existing limescale
  • No salts, chemicals or magnets
  • Strong signal 24/7 throughout all pipes and appliances
  • Easily installed on pipe
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HydroCare Dual Action Water System
  • Elimination of limescale
  • Purification media reduces stains, odors, chlorine, iron, sulfides, heavy metals
  • No maintenance except for filter change every 6-9 months
  • No loss of pressure, no tanks
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