Go Green and Save on Your Energy Bills!

Whether your home has a boiler, furnace or uses natural gas, WAVE’s EnerGo patented technology can reduce your energy bills up to 30%, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each month and saving the environment as well.

EnerGo products work with new and existing systems, are easily installed, non-invasive and do not violate manufacturer warranties on home heating and cooling systems.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. In fact, WAVE Home Solutions is so certain you will save on your energy bills that EnerGo offers a unique full performance guarantee: If your average savings do not equal or exceed at least 10%, you will obtain a refund for the purchase price of the unit one year from date of purchase.

Available EnerGo Models:

EnerGo FA

Forced Air HeatFor Residential Forced Air Heating Systems

EnerGo AC

Air ConditioningFor Residential Central Air Conditioning

EnerGo HW+

Hot Water HeatFor Residential Hot Water Heating Systems

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  • small photo of EnerGo AC
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  • Solutions

    Skyrocketing energy bills got you down? Go green while saving up to 30% on monthly heating and cooling bills with an EnerGo unit.

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  • Technology

    EnerGo units use an advanced microprocessor to reduce fuel and electrical usage, saving homeowners 10-30% on their energy bills.

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  • FAQs

    You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Find out about the maintenance-free, easily installed EnerGo and starting saving on your energy bills.

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