Consumer Reports Best Air Purifiers – What Are the Differences Between All Those Air Purifiers?

When the air conditioner broke down last spring, I decided to search for consumer reports on room air purifiers. The typical electronic contraption seemed like a real winner and seemed like a great investment. I am a natural light sleeper so it’s not surprising that room air purifier air quality technology was helping keep my room cool. It also helped me avoid catching colds during the summer months. Up until just a few months ago I had never really checked the room air purifier unit. It was just one more appliance in the ever-growing, always-on-the-go family of appliances.

consumer reports room air purifiers

The usual light bulb task bar came on, but the screen was just a little too small to read easily. Instead of going back to my nightstand I turned to my laptop. It was close enough to reach with one hand so I took my chance. What exactly are Consumer Reports best air purifier ratings?

Most consumer reports focus on two main types of room air purifier units: masticating juicers and single serve blowers. Masticating juicers are typically less expensive and much easier to maintain than the blowers. I’ve always thought that the higher price tag is due primarily to the higher quality and longer durability of the juicers. For me the convenience of a juicer/blower combo was worth it.

Of all the consumer reports room air purifiers reviews I did find that the most notable recommendation in the Room Air Purifiers product category was for the electric variety. The higher cost of these is reflected in the higher grade of materials used in their construction. These types use distilled water and are the only ones that are certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).

Consumer reports also focused on the best emulators in a room air purifier set. The two types of purifiers are more or less interchangeable, however, the best emulators seem to be the juicers. These products seem to have fewer health risks than the juicers. Perhaps the health issues were overblown when these first air purifiers hit the market.

The other factor that jumped out at me as I was doing my research online was the room rating. According to the consumer reports best emulators, a single serving air purifier runs for about eight hours on a single charge. That’s about four and a half days worth of uninterrupted service. That seems pretty good compared to the juicers, which I believe will need to be charged regularly to keep up with the constant flow of pollutants in my home. At any rate, I am very happy that the air purifying system I have now are eco-friendly and they perform quite well.