Commercial Hepa Filter Air Purifiers – What Types Are Available?

Commercial air purifier is the most important and indispensable commercial appliance in the modern society. It plays a vital role in taking all the harmful agents out from the air and keeps them safe for the residents of a home or other commercial building. But, there are certain facts one should know before purchasing it. Commercial air purifier is generally designed for industrial or commercial settings but some even works perfectly for residential areas. However, it is very obvious that, all commercial air purifiers have some similarities and differences. You would forgive the height of excellence for their existence.

commercial hepa filter air purifiers

Every commercial air purifier has a HEPA filter that effectively prevents all particles of microscopic nature like bacteria, dust mites, viruses, mold, mildew and other airborne particles from entering the air and contaminating the users’ health. There are different types of filters available in the market and according to different purposes. However, uv light filter is considered as the best alternative to commercial hepa filter air purifiers as they not only block the harmful particles but also trap the pollutants in the reverse cycle and traps them again so they do not come back into the air and contaminate the users’ health. As a result, you will be free from worries regarding your family’s health.

Other filters available in the market work by using ultraviolet sterilization technology. This is a simple and effective procedure and it can easily kill the germs, dust mite, viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, allergens and spores in the air. Usually, an air purifier has two filters; one is the uv sterilization and the other is the HEPA filter. The uv sterilization one is specially designed to kill and remove the air borne germs and pollutants.

But the uv sterilization one can also be used to purify liquid soap and shampoo. However, for this, you will need to purchase the appropriate type of ionic liquid soap purifiers for your commercial hepa filter air purifiers. It is advisable for you to purchase a machine that has a built-in antiseptic tank and a system for delivering distilled water to the units. You can also use some commercial UV sterilizers like the Darth Vader Helmet HEPA filter. Although, the Darth Vader Helmet does not have the ability to filter microorganisms like the liquid soap and the shampoos, it can effectively reduce and eliminate allergen molecules.

Another type of commercial air purification unit is the activated carbon air filters. Activated carbon is made of little carbon threads that attach to air filters already present in the device. They then trap organic vapors, dust and airborne allergens and fumes. The activated carbon is then wrapped with resins. These filters have the capacity to trap more than 99% of airborne allergens.

If you want to ensure that you get the best results out of any of the purifier that you purchase for your hepa air purifier, make sure that you choose a model that has the right size and capacity for your needs. Do not go for those air purifier models that have capacities that are too small for the space in which you intend to use it. Also, never settle for those filters with low ozone sterilization media power. This means that the ozone level of the room will be low when the air purifier is operating. Ozone air purification media power is critical when it comes to the elimination of allergen particles that have been trapped within the filter. Do not settle for anything less.