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Indoor Air Quality

3 Key Reasons You Need a UV Air Purifier

uv air purifier benefits

According to the Centers for Disease Control, indoor air quality has improved since the 1990s, yet we still face serious health risks from particulates, bacteria, mold and pathogens. UV air filters use ultraviolet light rays to eliminate pathogens and bacteria as they pass by — the UV light deploys electromagnetic radiation to break down their molecular…

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This Is A Scary Report Regarding Indoor Air Pollutants

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Thousands dying each year from the effect of poor air quality, including
pollutants from everyday objects and appliances in their homes, claims
landmark new report

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Perhaps you are aware that air fresheners and household cleaning products make the air in your home unhealthy. But you may be unaware as to how dangerous they really are. A landmark report in England claims that  “indoor air pollution may have caused or contributed to 99,000 deaths annually in Europe”.

While the report highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide from faulty heaters and boilers, what’s scarier is the risk of air pollution from common items such as air fresheners and cleaning products. 

The problem of indoor air pollution is compounded by the recent efforts to reduce ventilation and improving insulation in the home in order to cut energy bills.

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Detox the Air in Your Home Easily With These Purifying Plants

detoxifying indoor plants for your home

Is your home suffering from “sick home syndrome”? This all-too-common condition occurs when indoor air pollutants build up in the air inside your home, causing symptoms such as allergies and headaches. Although the most effective form of indoor air purification is a high-quality air purifier or a whole house ventilation system, plants can also help…

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7 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Air Purifier

7 steps to choosing the perfect air purifier

Have you thought about buying an air purifier before, but have been overwhelmed by the thought of making a responsible choice? The process of choosing an air purifier can be daunting if you don’t know much about what you’re looking for. You may find yourself wondering what level of filtration you need and what contaminants…

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Want a Healthier Home? Avoid Some of These toxic Products

Healthy Home design

This article outlines common toxic products you may like to consider banning from your home, plus some healthier alternatives to help you do it.

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You might find it surprising that according to the EPA,  our indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than the outside air. Considering that we spend close to 90% of our time indoors, it is imperative that we focus on improving our indoor air quality. 


So now that you agree and want to improve the environment for your entire family, where do you begin? 

Read the article at and learn about some toxic products that you can easily avoid. And learn about some healthier options.


After you take those steps, look at the 6 Stage Air Purifier being sold by WAVE Home Solutions. Avoiding toxins and purifying the air will make your home a much healthier environment!

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How is Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Poor indoor air quality can contribute to many health problems. If you frequently experience headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, nasal congestion or respiratory problems, then your indoor air quality could be worse than you think. Improving your indoor air quality not only makes your home a more pleasant place to be, but could also help to…

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Reduce Asthma Symptoms With a High-Quality Air Purifier

WAVE Home Solutions help with asthma

If you or someone in your family is one of the more than 25 million asthma sufferers in the United States, you’ve probably grown familiar with doctor’s visits, inhalers and medication. However, you may not realize that one of the biggest dangers for asthma patients can’t be treated with medication: impure air. Debris and other…

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4 Simple Methods for Cleaner Air in Your Home

clean air window

Indoor air pollution is a growing problem across the U.S. In recent years, studies have revealed that indoor air can pose greater health risks than outdoor air. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these risks. Here are four simple methods for improving your home’s air quality.   Keep Your Floors Clean Everyday activities release chemicals and allergens…

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3 Ways Air Purifiers Help Relieve Winter Allergies

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Winter is a time for gathering around a cozy fire or turning up the home heating system to stay warm. Unfortunately, these seasonal activities can contribute to a higher concentration of indoor allergens, which leads to heightened symptoms for allergy sufferers. A high-quality air purifier can help to address this problem by clearing out allergens to create cleaner air. The…

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How to Keep Heat in With a Home Ventilation System

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Winterizing your home may keep cold air out and warm air in, but it could stop air from circulating properly. Proper airflow is important in creating a healthy indoor environment. It allows fresh air into your home, helping to expel pollutants and prevent condensation dampness. Basements and crawl spaces are more susceptible to condensation dampness…

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