Study Finds Plastics In Bottled Water

A recent study conducted by Orb Media found plastics in bottled water.

Drinking bottled water might not be as safe as we all assumed. In fact, several popular beverage companies are currently under fire due to researchers at Orb Media, a nonprofit journalism organization based in Washington, D.C., finding plastics in bottled water. According to CBS News, more than 90% of some of the most popular bottled water brands have been found to contain these tiny particles of plastic, including: Aqua Aquafina Evian Dasani Nestle Pure Life The Research The team at Orb Media along with scientists at the State University of New York examined 250 … continue reading

Dangers of Arsenic in Drinking Water

Arsenic - Ar - chemical element periodic table hexagonal shape 3d render

Arsenic in water is all too common these days. And, that is definitely not a good thing. Learn what exactly arsenic is, how it gets into your drinking water, the dangers of arsenic in drinking water and how to treat arsenic in water. Arsenic in water is all too common these days. And, that is definitely not a good thing. Learn what exactly arsenic is, how it gets into your drinking water, the dangers of arsenic in drinking water and how to treat arsenic in water. What is Arsenic? Arsenic is an element that occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust. But, it makes its way into rocks, soil, … continue reading

Whole House Water System

A whole house water system treats all faucets in your household.

How Whole House Water Systems Work Whole house filtration treats all water in the household by filtering it from the main water line, which is considered the “point of entry.”  Not all water filtration systems are created equal, especially when it comes to a whole house water system versus an undersink water filter. While they both have their benefits, for those that have city water, there is a clear winner. How Undersink Water Filters Work Undersink water filters treat water for the faucet they are hooked up to, which is considered the “point of consumption.” Which is Best for City … continue reading

The Multiple Health Risks of Chloramine to Municipal Water Consumers

What do concerned citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area and consumer advocate Erin Brockovich have in common? They’re both extremely alarmed about the widespread and unregulated use of chloramine in municipal water supplies throughout the United States. Years ago, cities started adding chlorine to their municipal water supplies in order to kill bacteria and other contaminants. However, as these contaminants mutated and became stronger, cities weren’t allowed to increase the levels of chlorine in water, so they started using chloramine instead—without fully taking into account the many … continue reading

Alert: Unsafe Lead Levels In NJ Hospital Water

In February 2017, Englewood Hospital in NJ sent out a letter to all patients who had spent time in the hospital during the past one and a half years (from 9/3/15-1/12/17), to offer patients free blood lead level testing to determine whether they had been effected by the excessive lead levels in the hospital’s tap water. The letter stated that lead levels in the tap water at the hospital exceeded the Federal Action Level of 15 parts per billion. In fact, 10 different areas in the hospital exceeded the Federal Action Level, and two areas exceeded 100 ppb. The water at the physical therapy gym … continue reading

Uh-oh! Your Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs. Here’s What to Do

When you live in a world full of flavored beverages and scented bath oils, you probably never worry about the smell of your water, at least not until the day the scent of rotten eggs begins to waft from your drains and faucets. Drinking the water becomes nearly impossible, and bathing in it is unpleasant. That pungent sulfuric odor may not stem from Hades, but it can signal that you're in a truly hellish situation. If your water is an issue, you don't need to despair. Hydrogen sulfide is a common problem for homeowners, but it's one that a reputable water filtration company can take care of … continue reading

Water Quality: Does Your Home Need a Home Filtration System?

Water Quality Home Filtration System

More and more people are growing concerned about what's in their water -- and with good reason. You've probably seen an increase in troubling articles about contamination in public water supplies around the country. … continue reading

The Significance of Iron: Good in Your Body, Bad in Your Water

water filtration system: iron in your water

Iron is all around us: beneath our feet in the ground, inside every cell in our bodies and even in some of the air we breathe. It’s the second most common metal in the earth’s crust, and yet 25 percent of the world’s population suffers anemia from not ingesting enough of it. Given this fact, it may seem like a good thing to have iron in the water you drink. While iron is essential to our health and well-being, however, we should get most of this nutrient from the foods we eat rather than from our drinking water. Here’s why you may need a water filtration system. … continue reading

Who Has the Best Tap Water in America?

water purification systems

Being healthy requires good eating and drinking habits. In other words, you are what you consume every day. So, when you drink a lot of water, it’s best to have access to a high-quality source. Americans are fortunate to have in-home drinking water supplies. However, not all cities are lucky enough to have high-quality water straight from the tap. For this reason, organizations across the country devote time and effort to improving city or municipal water. Since Americans consume a large quantity of water, making sure that it is safe and healthy is essential. Companies such as Wave Home … continue reading

Not Everyone Should Be Drinking the Same Amount of Water. How Much Should You Drink?

Many of our past blogs have discussed the importance of filtering your water, whether it's your drinking water or the water you and your family bathe and shower in. In this blog, we discuss the importance of drinking water. Studies have shown that more than half the children and adolescents in the United States are not getting enough hydration. “Drink more water” is a common piece of advice. Whether the problem is frequent headaches, dizziness, dry skin or trying to reach a weight loss goal, drinking enough water can be a helpful solution to a number of health problems. But exactly how much … continue reading