Basements & Crawl Spaces

WAVE Ventilation follows EPA Guidelines for Moisture Control

WAVE Home Solutions air quality

Due to the growing concern about indoor air quality, the EPA developed the Indoor airPlus program. According to the EPA, “Indoor airPLUS labeled homes are designed and built to help protect your family from indoor air pollution.” “Homes built to earn the Indoor airPLUS label include features to reduce contaminants that can lead to poor…

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Basement Dehumidifiers: Are they effective?

3 steps WAVE Home Solutions

Many homeowners acquire basement dehumidifiers with better air in mind for small, damp places in their home. They see it as a solution for to the moisture buildup they see, feel, and smell in their basement. These units, however, specialize in circulating the same air around the space. They don’t provide real ventilation to replenish…

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Is Basement Ventilation Important?

Basement WAVE Home Solutions

Basement ventilation is key to preventing mold activity throughout your entire home and trapping moisture and pollutants inside. Basements and crawl space dehumidifiers mainly recirculate the same polluted air, not providing any mechanical ventilation. WAVE provides a controlled ventilation system unlike any other that expels humidity and pollutants as a whole exceeding health and building…

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Solution to saving energy with WAVE Ventilation


It takes a lot less energy to heat or cool a damp environment as opposed to a dry one. To illustrate, think about how long it would take your dryer to turn a damp towel into a warm and fluffy one vs. how long it would take for a dry towel. The Department of Energy…

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Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: Are they the Solution?


Crawl spaces are oftentimes ignored parts of the home. Some use it for storage. Others take the rare trip to check on pipes and substructures. For the most part, however, these are neglated spaces in the household. In many cases, they are left with accumulated moisture and mold. The build-up of moisture and mold in…

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WAVE Ventilation Reviews

wave ventilation

We constantly hear feedback from our clients who rave about the WAVE Ventilation units installed in their home. We take great pride in delivering a great product that consumers enjoy. Read a couple of WAVE Ventilation reviews below: “I have COPD and restrictive airway disease. I have a very difficult time breathing just going upstairs…

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Expel, Replenish, and Ventilate

WAVE Home Solutions

The WAVE Ventilation unit allows you to maintain moisture and air quality control in any area of the home. It can turn the most damp, polluted space into a healthy, dry environment for your family. The unit accomplishes this with three premises: Expel, Replenish, and Ventilate. WAVE Ventilation expels the most stagnant, polluted air from…

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