What’s the Best Basement Dehumidifier? Hint, It’s Not a Dehumidifier at All!

basement ventilation systems are better than a basement dehumidifier

The best basement dehumidifier to reduce moisture in your home isn’t a dehumidifier at all, but a basement ventilation system. Surprised? Many homeowners don’t realize that basement ventilation systems provide more than moisture control when compared to basement dehumidifiers. Advantages of Basement Ventilation Systems Over Basement Dehumidifiers Basements are notoriously damp spaces, and most homeowners are familiar with the resulting mold and musty odor that can make the space useless. In fact, more than half of all homeowners report moisture problems in their basements. More than just a … continue reading

Why Crawl Space Ventilation is Needed in Addition to Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moisture Control with crawl space ventilation

Crawl space encapsulation is a great first step to preventing moisture from entering your crawl space, but in order to keep this pesky moisture at bay, you’ll also need to invest in crawl space ventilation. Learn why and how WAVE Home Solutions can help. What is Crawl Space Encapsulation? Crawl space encapsulation is the act of installing a vapor barrier on the crawl space floor that continues up to the foundation wall, covering the floor and posts. The purpose of crawl space encapsulation is to create an environment that can be controlled for moisture by keeping moisture from the outside … continue reading

What Smart Homeowners Need to Know About Basement Dehumidifiers

For years, basement dehumidifiers have been touted as the best way to combat moisture-related issues in crawlspaces and basements. However, many homeowners who invest in dehumidifiers for their homes are disappointed with the results. So why do dehumidifiers fail to deliver the expected results, and what is a better alternative? Causes and consequences of moisture problems In order to choose the best solution for musty basement issues, you first need to gain a solid understanding of what causes them, as well as how they impact your home and health. There are several factors that can … continue reading

Basement Dehumidifiers Won’t Prevent Moisture Problems. Ventilation Removes Damp Air and Contaminants

alternate solutions to basement dehumidifier

Moisture problems in basements are a widespread issue. The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that 60% of home basements in the U.S. have moisture related issues. Problems resulting from a wet basement are numerous, and while many are obvious (bad smells, unsightly staining, problems with mold or mildew), some of the biggest issues are harder to recognize. Even more difficult is deciding how to resolve issues with basement moisture. While many turn to basement dehumidifiers, there is a better option for removing existing moisture and preventing future moisture problems. Basement … continue reading

5 Evil Culprits of Basement Moisture (And How to Fix It)

People use their basements for many things. Perhaps yours is a storage space for old furniture and clothes. Or maybe you've turned it into a guest bedroom or a bedroom for your kids. Maybe it's a home gym, or perhaps you've built it into your dream man cave or woman cave. Regardless of how you make use of your basement space, one thing is for sure: moisture is not conducive to any of it. Basement moisture is a major and widespread problem for more reasons than just limiting the basement's use: It's a health and sanitation issue due to its effect on indoor air quality and its tendency to … continue reading

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Vapor Barrier for your Crawl Space

Crawl Spaces are notorious for bad odors and high humidity. Frequently, those problems start making their way up into the living areas of a home. There are some good affordable solutions that can help. If your crawl space has dirt floor, then a smart first step would be to install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a plastic sheet that is resistant to water vapor. Read the full article at: After installing a vapor barrier, a next good step would be a crawl space ventilation unit which expels musty damp air and replaces it with fresher dry air from … continue reading

One Proven Way to Save on Your Energy Bills This Year

basement moisture control saves money on energy bills

Did you know that a damp, musty basement is costing you money each and every day? While it may be tempting to forget about it down there at the bottom of the house, basement air ventilation is one of the most important concerns to keep in mind for homeowners. Here’s why. … continue reading

Get Rid of That Musty Odor Once and For All

musty odor

Musty odors inside houses are common. They are caused by a buildup of moisture that has, in turn, encouraged the growth of mold and fungi. Serious health problems can result from exposure to certain strains of mold, while the oppressive odor alone can lead to depression in vulnerable people. If you notice a musty odor or suspect you have a problem with basement moisture control, you can turn to one of the following solutions. … continue reading

Here are the Top Benefits of a Dry Basement

dry basement moisture control unit

If you have a dry basement, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Research shows more than half of all basements in U.S. residences have issues with moisture, a problem that can cause a number of complications for the home’s occupants. Here are the top four benefits of a dry basement. … continue reading

3 Disadvantages of Basement Dehumidifiers

Keeping the temperature in your home comfortable is important, both in winter and summer, and maintaining a proper humidity level with a basement ventilation system is essential to achieving that goal. Here's why a basic basement dehumidifier may not do the trick.   The Importance of Humidity Humidity occurs when water vapor is in the atmosphere. The higher the humidity level, the hotter you feel, as your body is not able to cool efficiently. High humidity levels can cause heat-related illnesses in the summer. You might think no humidity is better, but that’s not true. In the winter, … continue reading